Housing Sold Prices are Now Available in Toronto

Supreme Court of Canada has sided with Competition Bureau and gave a big victory to Toronto house buyers and sellers. Supreme court said that starting now housing sold pricing could be available online. Before you could get that data (sold housing prices) only from licensed real estate broker. Real estate websites were banned from publishing … Continue reading Housing Sold Prices are Now Available in Toronto

Quebec Cracks Down on Cryptomining

Quebec is putting breaks on cheap energy to cryptominers after initially selling their energy at dirt cheap rates, that would make Quebec’s neighbor to the East jealous. Quebec has allowed rates of 5 cents per kw hour to be sold to energy hungry miners. Where as rates for electricity in neighbouring Ontario for local residents … Continue reading Quebec Cracks Down on Cryptomining

Air Canada Hacked

Air Canada said that over 20,000 profiles saved into their mobile app have been compromised and info such as customer’s Aeroplan number, passport number, Nexus number, known traveller number, gender, birth date, nationality, passport expiration date, passport country of issuance and country of residence could have been accessed. After discovering the breach Air Canada has shut … Continue reading Air Canada Hacked

West Vancouver Servers Hacked

District of West Vancouver, westvancouver.ca, recently discovered that they have malware installed on their servers potentially accessing thousands of users data over the last few years. It is possible that over 4,870 people data have been compromised. While noone knows for sure if data compromised was used or will be used for illegal purposes, West Vancouver … Continue reading West Vancouver Servers Hacked

Tesla Takes Ontario to Court and Wins

Ontario judge ruled that new conservative government in Ontario had no right to cancel electronic car rebates against Tesla and other manufacturers. What this means is that Ontario government has no right to block people to apply for Electric and Hydrogen Vehicle Incentive Program (EHVIP) rebates. If you have not purchased Tesla yet now is … Continue reading Tesla Takes Ontario to Court and Wins

Online Advertising Explained (for dummies)

A lot of our subscribers who read our blog run their own small businesses online. Whether you have a $100k business or $1m you most likely need to drive some traffic to your website using social media advertising like Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, and Twitter Ads. It could be overwhelming following the trends and knowing everything … Continue reading Online Advertising Explained (for dummies)

Tech Salaries in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver Revealed (2018)

Randstad, the behemoth of a recruitment agency, has recently published list of technology / IT salaries across Canada. The numbers are interesting to see as there is a big difference in remuneration between cities in Quebec such as Montreal where some salaries can be atrociously 30-50% less than Toronto , Vancouver, Calgary, Waterloo and Ottawa. … Continue reading Tech Salaries in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver Revealed (2018)