Housing Sold Prices are Now Available in Toronto

Supreme Court of Canada has sided with Competition Bureau and gave a big victory to Toronto house buyers and sellers. Supreme court said that starting now housing sold pricing could be available online.

Before you could get that data (sold housing prices) only from licensed real estate broker. Real estate websites were banned from publishing that data online. That meant that you had to deal with one of roughly 50,000 real estate brokers to get that info via fax, email or in person.

Canada’s Competiton Bureau has been fighting Toronto Real Estate Board for over 5 years before coming up with this big win.

myrfa / Pixabay

Board chief executive, John DiMichele , at Toronto Real Estate Board said that it

“will be studying the required next steps to ensure such information will be protected in compliance with the tribunal order once that comes into effect.”

Competition Bureau said that everyone should have the right to that info while Toronto Real Estate Board said that would violate their clients privacy.

Now the sold data will show up on most websites, with one prominent one being https://mongohouse.com .

Go ahead. Now you have a way to snoop around on your neighbors to see if they’ve overpaid for their house. Happy snooping.

Quebec Cracks Down on Cryptomining

Quebec is putting breaks on cheap energy to cryptominers after initially selling their energy at dirt cheap rates, that would make Quebec’s neighbor to the East jealous.

Quebec has allowed rates of 5 cents per kw hour to be sold to energy hungry miners. Where as rates for electricity in neighbouring Ontario for local residents can creep up to 15 cents per kw hour.

Regie de l’energie has changed their tune and now upped the rates from 5 cents to 15 cents for new clients. Existing clients will enjoy their cheap rates for now. With bitcoin prices collapsing every day, it will be interesting if they could afford the increased pricing.

After searching for more clients for their cheap energy, Hydro Quebec, has found itself in a dilemma, they have found hundreds of bitcoin and crypto miners clients wanting to take all their energy after ban in Asia.

Life-Of-Pix / Pixabay

Hydro Quebec Jonathan Cote said in an interview to Globe and Mail:

“We don’t want to send a message to the market that this is the price for cryptocurrencies in Quebec.

It’s more that requests are suspended until we have the proper framework determining conditions for that market.”

You can have access to the full documentation on how Quebec plans on tackling cryptominers in the province by following link here.

Québec energy minister Pierre Moreau said:

“The measures announced today represent a responsible, prudent and practical approach to welcome top businesses from the blockchain tech sector, to contribute to the economic development of other sectors and to create spinoffs throughout Québec, while ensuring energy supply for all Quebecers.”

Economic development? Hydro-Québec commissioned the firm KPMG to analyze the economic spinoffs of the cryptocurrency mining sector. The study reveals that unless it is associated with additional activities, cryptocurrency mining does not generate many jobs.

Air Canada Hacked

Air Canada said that over 20,000 profiles saved into their mobile app have been compromised and info such as customer’s Aeroplan number, passport number, Nexus number, known traveller number, gender, birth date, nationality, passport expiration date, passport country of issuance and country of residence could have been accessed.

After discovering the breach Air Canada has shut down the app, and is forcing all 1.7 million app users to change their passwords immediately.

Free-Photos / Pixabay

Chester Wisniewski, cyber security specialist, said in an interview with CBC:

“You never want someone to know your name, your birthday and your passport.

I suspect hackers stumbled across a bug in the API.

I don’t think they were targeting Air Canada or they were intent on stealing specific info, there’s a lot of hackers who are just scrolling the internet looking for doors that are ajar. If they find a door that’s open they start monkeying around.”

Some users complained not being able to login, but some others, like this Canadian satire site cracked jokes.

Air Canada said that they have not detected improper use of stolen passwords. Yet.

Gabor Lukacs, Canadian air passenger rights advocate, mentioned that he would recommend people affected to complain to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, Canada’s watchdog that  provides advice and information for individuals about protecting personal information.

Lukacs said:

“When a corporation collects your data, they have a responsibility to keep it safe. When they fail, it is a matter for the Office of the Privacy Commissioner to investigate.

People may also wish to start a class action against Air Canada in this situation.”

Cyber security is becoming a big issue in Canada, where a recent report from Deloitte mentioned that many cyber security jobs in Canada go unfilled due to lack of experienced professionals.

West Vancouver Servers Hacked

District of West Vancouver, westvancouver.ca, recently discovered that they have malware installed on their servers potentially accessing thousands of users data over the last few years. It is possible that over 4,870 people data have been compromised.

While noone knows for sure if data compromised was used or will be used for illegal purposes, West Vancouver issues press release saying that “the possibility of compromise cannot be definitively ruled out.”

Basically if you have used website to send personal information to the city between 2013 and 2018 your data was potentially compromised. To stop the breach from spreading even more, the officials have shut down the website, and wiped all the personal data from the website, and promised to increase their web security.

West Vancouver promised in the press release:

“Examples of the personal information contained in these forms may include addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and IP addresses.

Once we are assured that additional security measures put in place are effective, the forms will be enabled again on a limited basis. In the future, data will be removed from the web server on a regular basis.”

Robfoto / Pixabay

City advises you to “exercise caution if approached by an unknown individuals” in regards to your data as hackers might target residents for scams or identity theft.

Cyber security expert George Pajari, in interview to North Shore news, said:

“It was obvious the district was completely unprepared. It was a disaster waiting to happen. They hadn’t taken what I would consider the absolute basic steps to protect the information they were holding.

Not only had they not subscribed to receive notification of the patches from the vendor, they hadn’t updated their software for months and months so they got knocked off.”

Cyber security is becoming a big issue in Canada, where a recent report from Deloitte mentioned that many cyber security jobs in Canada go unfilled due to lack of experienced professionals. If you are looking for a new career, maybe consider going into cyber security – a huge boom in this profession is expected over the next 5-10 years in Canada and across the world.

Tesla Takes Ontario to Court and Wins

Ontario judge ruled that new conservative government in Ontario had no right to cancel electronic car rebates against Tesla and other manufacturers.

What this means is that Ontario government has no right to block people to apply for Electric and Hydrogen Vehicle Incentive Program (EHVIP) rebates.

If you have not purchased Tesla yet now is a good time to do it.  Even though the Ontario judge unblocked the rebates for now , they are set to expire on September 10 as per old Liberal government deadline. You can be eligible for $14,000 rebate. But keep in mind, in order to qualify for rebates your Tesla needs to be delivered and registered by September 10.

Blomst / Pixabay

If you missed out on this opportunity, you might consider moving to Quebec (especially Laval, Quebec where you can get additional $2,000 subsidy first come first server) or British Columbia – where you can still get subsidized Tesla. But you might also want to hurry up as Quebec goes to election in September.

Ontario judge has also ordered Province of Ontario to cover $125,000 legal bill for unnecessary hassle created for Tesla.

The court decision came only 2 weeks after Conservative government blocked the incentives.

The judge Frederick Myers said

If the government wants to transition out of the electric car subsidy program,  Transportation Minister John Yakabuski must exercise his operational discretion in a lawful manner.

He has yet to do so. I therefore quash and set aside the Minister’s unlawful exercises of discretion to implement the transition program announced July 11.”

That’s it folks. So if you live in Ontario and want your Tesla subsidized you better get to the dealership stat! Your baby awaits.

Online Advertising Explained (for dummies)

A lot of our subscribers who read our blog run their own small businesses online. Whether you have a $100k business or $1m you most likely need to drive some traffic to your website using social media advertising like Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, and Twitter Ads.

It could be overwhelming following the trends and knowing everything you need to know when you only have few hours a week to make it work. Thankfully folks at Whoishostingthis, website to check which hosting provider is hosting specific website, made it simple and created a super neat and friendly guide.

See below for yourselves and remember, there is no better marketing strategy that drives sales than social media advertising.

The following six social media sites bring the best value for your advertising mullah as of right now:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat

Guide to Online Advertising for Small Businesses

Tech Salaries in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver Revealed (2018)

Randstad, the behemoth of a recruitment agency, has recently published list of technology / IT salaries across Canada.

The numbers are interesting to see as there is a big difference in remuneration between cities in Quebec such as Montreal where some salaries can be atrociously 30-50% less than Toronto , Vancouver, Calgary, Waterloo and Ottawa.

For example, if you look at entry level for C# in Montreal you would get $45k vs $65k in the rest of Canada. Or entry level iOS is $50k in Montreal, and $64k in Toronto or $65.5k in Calgary.

Pexels / Pixabay

If you are a bilingual tech support – you might want to consider Vancouver where Level 3 tech support can get $65.9k vs $52.6k in Montreal for example.

Or if you are a database admin, you might want to consider Calgary where they pay $122k vs $90k in Montreal.

But what happens if you love Montreal, joie de vivre and all the baguettes you can eat BUT do not want to get undercut on a salary? Then you need to be an UI UX developer where folks get a whooping $121k in Montreal vs $98k in Waterloo or $100k in Toronto OR AI (artificial intelligence) developer – Montreal gets $131k vs $120k in Ottawa, Toronto and Waterloo.

Please note that when report talks about entry level that means 1 to 3 years’ experience (or just out of school); mid-level is 4 to 7 years of  experience; and senior level is 8+ years.

Without further ado see the cities and 2018 tech salaries in Canada associated with them as provided by Randstad.

Tech Salaries in Montreal for 2018

Tech Salaries in Ottawa for 2018

Tech Salaries in Toronto for 2018

Tech Salaries in Waterloo for 2018

Tech Salaries in Vancouver for 2018

Tech Salaries in Calgary for 2018