French Language Enforcement Agency To Hire Additional 50 Employees

Quebec’s OQLF, Quebec Board of the French Language, is going on a major hiring spree to hire 50 French language enforcement agents to make sure Quebec remains Francophone speaking province.

The new hires will be responsible to oversee businesses for French language compliance.

The announcement said that 20 of those new employees, will specifically be assigned to enforce rules within the small businesses in Montreal and regions surrounding it.

The way it is now, business under 50 employees in Quebec, are not required to confirm with parts of Bill 101, Charter of the French Language, but OQLF wants to make sure they comply with the minimum requirements required by law.

70% of complaint to OQLF was in regards to businesses under 50 employees, and Quebec government wants to ensure they can “help”.

The agency itself will also be expending first time in 30 years to 3 other locations: Drummondville, Laval and Longueuil.

The main concern for OQLF and provincial government is that a lot of businesses are hiring people who speak English and end up not hiring French only speakers.

Companies that do not comply with OQLF might face fines of up to $25,000 and twice as much for repeat offenders.

Even online ecommerce websites with few employees that are based in Quebec are not exempt .

Mario Tremblay, the CEO of, robotics online store, based in Quebec is now sparring with OQLF due to number of his products not translated into French.

We’re in the midst of an economic crisis, and I’m in survival mode, and I was sent a lawyers’ letters (from OQLF) giving me two months to comply.


Mario Tremblay

the CEO of , interview with the Montreal Gazette

Tremblay says that OQLF sent him a legal letter to comply with Bill 101 or else they will take legal action. Tremblay says it is impossible for him to have thousands of products translated directly into French as there are no available translations for them. He says if he takes them down, customers will just go to another website not based in Quebec to buy the products.

Asked what he might do now, he says he might consider moving his business to neighbouring province of Ontario.

This can not be good for small businesses in Quebec where there are hundreds of small startups just trying to survive.

Amazon Will Be Hiring 2,500 Employees in THESE 2 Cities in Ontario

If you were thinking of moving west and living in Hamilton – right now might be a good time to move there. Amazon has announced that they will be hiring 2,500 employees in Hamilton as well as Ajax areas.

Amazon mentioned that they would like to have people hired in 2021. Amazon is currently employing over 21,000 of people in Canada.

We’ve had great success with the talented workforce in Ontario, and we look forward to creating an additional 2,500 full-time jobs with competitive pay and benefits starting on day one.


Sumegha Kumar

Amazon Canada’s customer fulfilment operations director

These fulfillment centers will have about 1,500 people working in Hamilton while 1,000 will work in Ajax. Fulfillment centers are big warehouses where Amazon holds most of the products and ships them out to customers, sometimes the same day you place an order.

Right now, Amazon has 10 fulfillment centers in Ontario and 6 in the rest of Canada.

Amazon continues to hire people around the world, topping 1 million employees, and is now only second to Walmart for number of people hired.

Montreal FinTech Hardbacon hires Andrew Hungerbuhler as Chief Revenue Officer

Hardbacon, a Montreal-based FinTech company, has hired Andrew Hungerbuhler as Chief Revenue Officer.

Bacon Financial Technologies, better known by its brand name Hardbacon, is dedicated to helping Canadians make better financial decisions, get wealthier and achieve their financial goals. The company, which has secured $1.1 million in funding, markets a mobile app that links to its users’ accounts and helps them plan, budget and invest. Hardbacon also enables its users to compare different financial services such as credit cards, bank accounts, online brokers and robo-advisers. The company also markets its technology to financial institutions to help them accelerate their digital transformation.

With two decades of sales experience in the financial services industry, Hungerbuhler is tasked with driving revenue growth by putting his experience and network of contacts to work for the financial technology company’s business plan. “Hiring Andrew will enable us to accelerate sales of white label solutions to asset managers, brokers and insurance companies,” said Julien Brault, Hardbacon’s CEO.

Hardbacon currently generates revenue from Hardbacon Premium subscriptions, as well as from lead generation and sales of its two white label solutions for financial institutions : a portfolio analysis module and a financial planning module.

“With the boomer generation’s transfer of wealth that is happening right now, younger people can no longer be ignored by financial institutions,” says Hungerbuhler. They no longer have a choice but to invest in their digital experience to remain competitive, and Hardbacon is well positioned to help them make this shift.”

Prior to joining Hardbacon, Hungerbuhler held senior sales positions with several financial groups, including Sun Life, Excel Fund Management and BluMont Capital. He was also CEO of Alphalink Investment Partners, a fundraising firm.

Andrew Hungerbuhler’s appointment comes at a pivotal stage in Hardbacon’s development. In August, the company also hired Simon Vanpeperstraete, a former financial services director at BMO, as Chief Financial Officer.