Amazon Growing in Toronto and Vancouver

Amazon, American electronic commerce and cloud computing company based in Seattle, Washington, is about to sign giant office leases in both Vancouver and Toronto according to Financial Post.

147,000 sq ft office is to be signed in Vancouver and 112,000 sq ft in Toronto. This is on top of 2.2m sq ft in Toronto and 741,000 sq ft in Vancouver.

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This new space can accommodate around additional 1,000 employees in Vancouver and around 700 employees in Toronto.

Amazon move according to some sources is to grow their software development teams in both cities.

Hiring Job Fairs in Toronto and Vancouver are being held from time to time – just follow them on Instagram or Twitter:

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Amazon Fulfillment Technologies (AFT) powers the physical engine at the heart of Amazon. AFT builds and operates software, hardware, and processes that run the global network of fulfillment centers that move millions of units of inventory, employ tens of thousands of people, and ensure that customers get what they want when we promise we will get it to them. We do this by building automated solutions to handle things that technology does well, while relying on people to handle things that humans do well. Our environment is global and complex with a variety of software and systems, including industrial machines and protocols. We are constantly innovating in the ways we are automating and accelerating the delivery of products and packages which includes building custom hardware and applying machine learning, image processing, and real-time data processing using distributed systems. In order to R.S.V.P for this event, please follow the steps below. Step 1: Send your resume to [email protected] Step 2: Wait for a confirmation email Step 3: Bring your invitation and resume to the event

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