Canada Awards $950m to Develop Five Innovation Superclusters

The feds will spend almost a billion of dollars to advance five super clusters , as they call it, technology advancements across our beautiful country. They expect this move will help to grow Canada’s economy by $50 billion over the next decade and create more than “50,000 middle-class jobs.”


Five Superclusters Will be Spread out across Canada

  • Ontario will get Toronto-based members such as the Mars Discovery District involved and will focus on “advanced manufacturing.”;
  • British Columbia will develop supercluster technology to connect “big data” with health care, forestry, manufacturing and other sectors;
  • Prairies will be construct a “protein industries” supercluster to develop plant proteins;
  • Quebec will work on its artificial intelligence and robotics;
  • Atlantic Canada will be responsible for so called “ocean supercluster” to “improve competitiveness” in fisheries, oil and gas, and clean energy;

These 5 superclusters include over 450 businesses and 60 post secondary institutions. We just love saying superclusters – sounds super cool.

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