Canadian Webcams Hacked by Russian Website

If you have any sort of webcam or baby cam, better switch it off, change the default password or update the software.

Multiple news outlets reported that website called , operating out of Russia, is streaming hundreds of Canadian based hacked cameras. The way they get around security is that a lot of people using cams do not update the default password or update the software on the camera.

The website itself denies that cams are hacked. But just browsing website you can see for yourself a lot of cameras are showing content that some people might consider as privacy violation and would not want to be seen online.

One clinic in Toronto was a victim of hacked camera where you can see patients lining up to give their private details to the receptionist.

“Everyone was surprised and we were kind of concerned. We have a lot private information here.” 

The way it stands right now, you have over few hundreds cameras showing up in Canada broadcasting from places such as Burlington, Ontario to Richmond, BC. Most cams are operational 24/7.

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