Devs in Canada – You Making Enough Money?

Stack Overflow, job board and IT community of sorts, have introduced a salary calculator where you can input your profile information and it will provide you with estimate salary you should be making.

The tool is available in Canada and you can compare web dev salaries in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, etc by entering your role, city, skills, years of experience, and education level.

After entering all that info, Stack Overflow will provide you with a range of salary you should be making and suggest different roles you might be wiling to try.

Salaries Vary across Canada for Developers

We have decided to give it a test to see what

  • backend developer with
  • 8 years of experience with
  • Java experience gets you across Canada

Here is what we got in 50th to 75th percentile salary range (all money in Canadian dollars):

Montreal: $74k-$89k 

Toronto: $80k – $96k 

Vancouver: $74k-$89k

.. and Europe? Depends where you are

Paris – $66k – $80k

Berlin – $80k-$100k

London – $80k-$95k

We all need to move to NYC

New York City – $125k – $150k


You can try the calculator by yourself by visiting:


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