Females in Tech in Canada, Time To Move Past Stereotypes

In the past few months, the conversation on women’s rights and gender parity has gained increasing importance. We are no longer paying lip-service to gender disparity, and women have become more and more vocal on the many ways that inequality affects their lives.

Canadian government is trying to help with their recently launched CanCode program investing $50 million over two years:

#Metoo brought awareness to the daily violence experienced by women, one that is an intrinsic part of our society, while #Timesup is working on addressing inequality and injustice in the workplace and those are issues that can range from pay inequality to  sexual harassment in the workplace. Indisputably, the best way to address many of these issues is to increase women’s representation.

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When it comes to technology, women are grossly underrepresented, – in Canada only 21% of graduates in technology and education and 9% of software developers are female. Think about the missed opportunities in terms of lost careers and business opportunities? We are missing out on services, products and ideas catered to and created by 50% of the population.

If the future is to be Female, we need to move past stereotypes and make sure our daughters have access to those sectors that are experiencing the fastest growth. Currently in Davos, the world leaders are discussing how the inequality in STEM will widen the pay gap. 

Here is what Jennifer Flanagan, Youth.STEM.Innovation Feminist & promoter of reconciliation. Everyone should code! CEO, Actua, had to say about it:

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