Housing Sold Prices are Now Available in Toronto

Supreme Court of Canada has sided with Competition Bureau and gave a big victory to Toronto house buyers and sellers. Supreme court said that starting now housing sold pricing could be available online.

Before you could get that data (sold housing prices) only from licensed real estate broker. Real estate websites were banned from publishing that data online. That meant that you had to deal with one of roughly 50,000 real estate brokers to get that info via fax, email or in person.

Canada’s Competiton Bureau has been fighting Toronto Real Estate Board for over 5 years before coming up with this big win.

myrfa / Pixabay

Board chief executive, John DiMichele , at Toronto Real Estate Board said that it

“will be studying the required next steps to ensure such information will be protected in compliance with the tribunal order once that comes into effect.”

Competition Bureau said that everyone should have the right to that info while Toronto Real Estate Board said that would violate their clients privacy.

Now the sold data will show up on most websites, with one prominent one being https://mongohouse.com .

Go ahead. Now you have a way to snoop around on your neighbors to see if they’ve overpaid for their house. Happy snooping.

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