Lyft, Popular Ride Sharing, is about to Enter Canada

Whether you like it or hate it, Uber is here to stay (well unless you live in the Province of Quebec where Uber is being forced out by the governments’ overzealous regulations). It is a great way if you want to save money while going around the city, and they accept credit cards with no issues and do not take you around the block 10 times to hike your fair.

But things will get even better for Canadians living in Toronto at least. Lyft, Uber’s competition, is getting ready to enter Canada at the end of this year.

This might give you few different options when getting around as now you will be able to compare prices and services that two companies have to offer. Maybe this will even get the prices down?

Lyft is also known as a) a safer alternative to Uber, b) have better reputation for their drivers’ care.

Lyft has very strict background check on their drivers and requires $1 million liability insurance from their drivers.

One more thing that Lyft does better is the introduction of dash decal that lights up when picking up a passenger, making it very simple for drivers and passengers to find each other.

It will certainly be a risk for Lyft to launch in Canada (remember Target?) as it will be their first international market outside the US. They are going to go slow about it and only launch in Toronto area to check out the market and work out any kinks before expanding to other major cities like Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary and Ottawa.

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