Netflix en français or по русски!?

Most people nowdays have Netflix account or use their friend’s or family member’s account. Netflix has over 120m streaming subscribers to date.

But what happens if you are tired of English shows and want to spice it up a bit? Or maybe you are Francophile or Russophile and want to brush up on the language or watch in your native tongue?

Well fear not, as Netflix supports both selection by audio and subtitles / captions. In Canada we have 18 different languages available for us to watch TV shows and movies in (including French, German, Hindi, Spanish, Russian, Tagalog and more).

All you have to do is head to and select language you want to watch in:

Please do not forget to enable caption / subtitles – either online or on your Roku / Chrome / Apple TV devices.

It is interesting to note, that there is no difference on Netflix for French from France or French from Quebec.

OK, enough of chit chat. Time to watch some Astérix – Le Domaine des Dieux. 

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