Netflix to Open Production Hub in Toronto? It’s a Strong Possibility according to Mayor Tory

Netflix perhaps will soon be opening its production hub in Toronto. That’s at least what Mayor John Tory told The Canadian Press.

“I have a very high level of confidence, without betraying confidences that aren’t yet concrete, that they’re going to. They’ve been in active discussions with our industry, with me, about wanting to create one of their hubs here.”

John Tory, Toronto’s Mayor

This new potential production hub will be in addition to recently announced hubs in New Mexico, US and Madrid, Spain.

Netflix declined to comment but Tory said that he will go meet with them again in February or March to see if it is possible to make it happen.

In September 2017, Netflix has committed over $500m to Canada to fund Canadian production.

Because it is not based in Canada, Netflix is not required to collect Canadian taxes or contribute to Canada Media Fund. This would change if they would open an office or production hub here.

Tory said his job is to get this deal done and he thinks Toronto is an idea place for Netflix to come next.

“Their message to us has been very consistent in the four years I’ve been there: Don’t mess with the money, meaning the tax credits; build more studio space; get us an even deeper pool of talent by working to have more people available behind and in front of the camera; and give us good customer service.” 

John Tory, Toronto’s Mayor

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