Ontario brings oversight to IT, hires Hilary Hartley as First Chief Digital Officer

Hilary Hartley will assume her new role in April 2017 and her mission will be making Online Services Simpler, Faster and Better for People and Business in the Province of Ontario. She is an American living in San Francisco where she is working to empower governments to use and understand the local/mobile/social web.

Do we need more oversight in Ontario when it comes to conducting business online? Especially by someone from San Francisco, US? Noone knows for sure whether bringing more government oversight is a good thing when it comes to online services.

Hilary said via Ontario provincial website:

“Hello, Ontario! I am so excited to join an incredible team of passionate people, with wicked digital skills, who are working hard to create change and bring user-focused design and internet-era ways of working to government. Making government services simpler and easier to use will have a huge impact on people’s lives — I can’t wait to get started.”

She also sent out a Twit:

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