Passport Canada Web Scam

If you are looking around for renewing your passport beware what you search for on Google. The website that calls itself Passport Canada “helps” you renew your passport by charging a whopping $192 fee when the service’s information is free when you apply via Government’s website.

The website pops up when you search for “renew my passport canada” or other similar searches on Google. The website called, Passport Online, tries to resemble Government of Canada website for renewing passports. Asking you questions like “Are you Canadian citizen?” before charging you few hundred dollars to “help” you with your applications that you would normally do for free.

Essentially, the website itself, is giving you information you can get for free but charges you for information on how to renew your passport without renewing your passport. So that confuses a lot of people who pay the service yet still have to go to Passport Office and pay more money to actually renew their passport.

The website does state:

“We provide the convenience, freedom and ability to help or assist those in need .… We charge a nominal fee to have applications reviewed and facilitated,” and this doesn’t include any government fees.”

Passport Canada is advising Canadians to watch out for “certain organizations claim to offer ‘support’ to Canadian citizens who want to apply for a passport, such as by selling information kits that outline application procedures. Some also falsely claim to be able to speed up the passport application process for an additional fee.” Passport Canada even states that sometimes these promises can be considered a fraud.

So watch out, and just use Government’s official website to renew your Canadian passport for your upcoming Mexico vacation.

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