Quebec: People get paid to train for IT jobs

Under the program, those who want to re-qualify in the IT industry will have access to paid accelerated training. You will be paid $650 a week, and once you have successfully completed the training, you get a bursary of $1,950.

Please note, this program’s registration is now closed as it reached its capacity.

This initiative aims to attract 2,500 people to reduce the manpower shortage in the information technology and communications industries.

During the announcement of the Programme pour la re-qualification et l’accompagnement en technologie de l’information et des communications (PRATIC), Labour Minister Jean Boulet announced that there are around 10,000 vacancies in IT and communications that have to be filled.

Boulet added that there will be training in industrial automation, robotics, artificial intelligence, web programming and software design. The program has a funding of almost $40 million.

The program will specifically address unemployment due to the pandemic. It will also help people who have not been in school full-time in the last 12 months. 

Registration for the various training programs will open on July 1 and the training will start full-time in September. This is right on time as the Canada Recovery Benefit ends on September 25, and many people who will be out of work due to the pandemic will have no other choice but to find new jobs. The program works as an additional incentive to attract more people to respond to the country’s labour needs.

Students who are already on training admissible to the program and supported by the Renewed Prosperity Through Greater Training Program (PARAF), may also receive a $650 increase in their payments as of July 1 until they complete their training.

Boulet confirmed that during the fourth quarter of 2020, there were around 148,000 vacant jobs and PARAF has already 20,500 training participants.

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