See What Facebook Knows About You

Whether you love it or hate it, Facebook is here to stay. With recent controversy of Facebook selling user data – it is mind boggling how much Internet knows about us and that info is not going away anywhere soon either.

But it is probably a good idea to review what companies like Facebook know about you. Here is how to access it.

In just a few easy steps you can download your whole history from Facebook and review all the photos, comments and phone calls Facebook has on you.

joffi / Pixabay

Since you have signed up, Facebook has been diligent with collecting and keeping everything you have done on their site. Remember all those high school conversations with your sweetheart or those private videos and pictures  you have shared as well as documents.

Facebook knows it all. Sometimes it knows you even better than you know yourself. The big brother.

So in case you want to go through megabytes after megabytes of data Facebook has on you – follow the following steps.

How to Download Your Facebook Private Data

Step 1: Click on top right of Facebook page

Step 2: Select Settings

Step 3: Click on “Download a copy of your Facebook data” below your General Account Settings, and confirm with green button.

It will take you between few minutes to few hours for Facebook to send you your zipped file with all the data it knows about you.

Even if you only use Facebook from time to time, you will be surprised on what you can find in there.


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