Sofdesk, Montreal startup sales accelerator for solar power, raises $3m

Montreal based Sofdesk raised $3m from EnerTech Capital and BDC Venture Capital.

Sofdesk is the Number 1 sales accelerator for Solar Power, Roofing & Insurance. Its main products are Solargraf made for solar installation companies and Roofgraf for roofing companies.

Lennie Moreno is the founder and CEO of Sofdesk with over 8 years of experience in the solar industry. He first started as a salesman, switched to the solar installation business and finally ended up in the software world. Lennie was able to understand firsthand how solar is sold from first contact to system connection. An avid Muay Thai practitioner and hip-hop enthusiast, Lennie also inspires teens in difficult situations.

Watch Lennie talk about solar roofing made simple:

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