Spotify Launches Students’ Discount in Canada

Time to find your student card quickly, largest music on demand service just became 50% cheaper. That is if you are a student and do not reside in province of Quebec.

The student discount was provided since 2014 but only in United States, Germany and the UK. Now they are expanding their coverage to Canada as well as 33 other countries.

The price is now $4.99 vs $9.99 plus taxes. And you can cancel anytime.

OmarMedinaFilms / Pixabay

To take advantage of this plan, you need to sign up on spotify student Canada website and get SheerID to verify your student enrollment.

* Unfortunately students in such universities as Concordia , McGill and Bishop are out of luck due to residency requirement. Spotify has decided not to extend the offer in that province due to class action suit filed against them in that province with Consumer Protection agency.

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