Top 10 Jobs in Canada in 2017 (hint – it’s a tech world, baby)

Canadian parents – get your kids into computer science or software engineering classes as soon as possible.

Jobs website posted a list of top ranked jobs in Canada and the tech jobs dominated the space.

The top 3 jobs were Full stack (backend + frontend) developer, DevOps (systems admin + shell scripting developer), and Backend Developer.

According to Paul D’Arcy, senior vice-president of Indeed, in a statement:

Canada is a “booming hub for tech innovation”.

“The first thing that surprised us was how dominant tech-related roles were. We expected it to be a more diverse list that better represented the diversity of the Canadian economy, but it turns out that there’s been a lot of growth in the tech sector in Canada.”

Because there is such a big demand, there are not enough qualified applicants to fill the roles.  Companies keep the jobs open for a lot longer because they can not find the right talent.

The growth is here to stay. Canada tech industry is almost a $120b dollar industry, 7% of Canadian GDP.

List below includes title of the job, average salary across Canada, # of jobs posted on Indeed, and % over last year increase of jobs posted.

1 Full Stack Developer $80,268 1,167 190
2 DevOps Engineer $97,739 709 130
3 Back End Developer $77,853 365 45
4 Real Estate Agent $108,741 150 36
5 Android Developer $86,749 527 27
6 Analytics Manager $94,360 107 23
7 User Experience Designer $80,815 642 22
8 IT Security Specialist $80,969 334 19
9 Optometrist $105,790 98 19
10 Python Developer $85,675 187 13

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