Toronto Sensibill, mobile banking app, closes $17.3 million in funding

Sensibill raised $17.3m in funding from Operative Capital, Mistral Venture Partners, and Impression Ventures.

Sensibill offers a suite of value-added services for mobile banking apps centered around the everyday receipt and enabled by machine learning.

Corey Gross, Co-Founder and CEO of Sensibill said:

“We knew that people wanted an intuitive and secure solution for managing their receipts, but we’ve also learned a great deal about how they want to make better use of their purchase information,

Think reminders for when warranties expire, being able to optimize household budgets, and highly targeted credit card rewards. That’s where machine learning comes into play, and we’re excited to add more fuel to our growing research and AI team right here in Toronto.”

Now with the funding you can be rest assured that funding for Yoga classes will not dry up. But of course, first, you would need to get a job with them:

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