Toronto Walmart Allows Phone Purchases in Store

No more need for cashiers at a Walmart store in Toronto. Walmart Supercentre near St Claire and Runnymede is testing out fast lane checkout system.

Walmart said that they will also roll out this fast lane check out in Thornhill next year and that if the system will be deemed successful at these stores, it will be rolled out across Canada.

You will need to scan items you want to purchase with your phone. Your credit card information and some other information should already pre-loaded on your phone. Once you scan all the items, add it all up, and click on pay in the app.

This way you can skip all those cashier lines and go through express exit where you just need to show your phone with total added up to the Walmart employee.

“With our new urban supercenter concept, we’re continuing to position ourselves as a leader in store design and retail innovation.

We’re introducing new partners, testing new and innovative technologies, integrating e-commerce with bricks-and-mortar and updating our assortment to improve the customer shopping experience and to appeal more to young families in urban markets.”

Lee Tappenden, the president and CEO of Walmart Canada

Walmart is trying to catch up and compete with Amazon and their brick-and-mortar Amazon Go stores that allow customers pick up items they want and walk out with them without scanning any barcodes.

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