Uber Might Fetch Your Groceries in Canada Soon

As you know Uber Eats is becoming very popular across Canada right now. In case you did not have a chance to use – uberEATS allows people across growing number of Canadian cities like Toronto, Mississauga, and Ottawa, to get the food they want, from the local restaurants they love, delivered to them at Uber speed.

It is so nice and convenient. Stay comfy in your PJs – load up your Netflix (even with new ridiculous price increase in 2019) and order up your delicious restaurant cravings from Indian to Chinese to Sushi and get it within the hour.

Some people get carried away with Uber or UberEats though by spending thousands of dollars a month on restaurant take-outs instead of cooking. This is similar to people who used to take bus or subway to places now get tired of waiting and prefer to take a quick Uber ride instead. This does some big damage on their bank account for sure.

So Uber realized your bank account might be hurting and that is why they now want to get into a business of delivering your groceries and competing with grocery delivery companies like Instacart.

How do we know? It is based on their recent tech job post in Toronto:

Basically they are looking for Head of Grocery Product, as explained on their Glassdoor job advertisement they say: Uber Eats is looking for a Head of Grocery Product. This role will define, build the organization and globally scale a brand new product offering which will fundamentally evolve how people purchase their groceries.

This is a new job for them as they do not deliver groceries yet anywhere in the world. It is pretty cool that they have decided to hire for this role right here in Toronto. They are definitely hiring anyone they deem worthy at very rapid speed – after opening an office in Toronto just few years ago – they are now employing over 200 mostly tech employees.

Nobody knows yet whether they will partner up with local supermarkets or deliver their own groceries like Amazon. We will wait and see.

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