Which is the most innovative country in the world? Well, it’s not Canada

Israel and China are one of the few big movers in the new 2019 Bloomberg Annual Innovation Index.

The 2019 ranking process began with more than 200 economies. Each was scored on a 0-100 scale based on seven equally weighted categories such as R&D and high tech density, productivity, etc. After the process was done, Bloomberg published the top 60 economies that made it.

South Korea is in #1 spot for 6th year in a row. Germany came in second and Finland came in 3rd. The biggest gainers in the top 20 are Israel that jumped 5 spots to #5, Finland jumped 4 spots to #3 and China jumped 3 spots to #16 as well as the US moved 3 spots up to #8.

Canada jumped 2 spots to make it to #20. It scored very well on patent activity but not so well on R&D intensity and productivity.

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