What the next four months looking for the Job market

The Job market is hardly ever stable, but the last year or two have been particularly rocky waters for everyone around the globe. This turbulence was, of course, caused by the infamous COVID-19 virus and the subsequent lockdowns. 

But before we could fully adjust to the work-from-home lifestyle and collect ourselves, our boat is once again about to be rocked. The tidal wave that awaits us now is the long-anticipated “return to the normal”. As governments press down full force on the pedal of vaccination programs and funnel money through stimulus checks, job-seekers and job-holders should expect major changes to the ordinary way of things. “The Great return to normal” might be a misleading term. More accurately, we are rushing towards the shores of a new normal. Buckle up for some of the major differences in these new lands. 

Job-seekers have new demands.

It took us a global pandemic to start washing our hands and using sanitisers. But health and safety reminders also extend to the workplace. As workers were forced into their homes, laid off, or cornered into relying on unemployment benefits, they were reminded of the importance of features that helped them in these times. Going forward, job-seekers are particularly interested in knowing what premiums companies are willing to offer them. The threat of new variants or a new virus altogether has brought a shift in priorities. 

People aren’t on the same page.

As vaccination programs are backed throughout the country, there are still many different perceptions that people have of the virus. Some are confident in returning to the workplace without a mask because they are fully vaccinated, while others still want to stay put. Employees are liking the comfort of working from home while employers keep jumping between fully remote, hybrid, and back-to-normal models. 

Summer Slumber 

Job market analysis shows that every year, in the summertime, there is a drop in new the number of new people entering the market. This summer slump is simply because hiring managers and other parts of the process like IT recruiters and documenters are on summer leave. This year is no good news for anyone looking for a job. The slump is predicted to get worse in the next four months as the aviation industry opens up and people book long summer travel vacation plans. 

The new job market 

The pandemic had an interesting effect on the view of job applicants and employers: Applicants have stayed in too long and are pumped to bank good job offers, but employers, on the other hand, have become less receptive to making good offers. This leads to clunky interviews and decisions where the difference in mindset is leading to a stalemate. The consensus decisions and thirst for unrealistic expectations from applicants have further fueled the problem. 

We stand knee-deep in some treacherous waters. The best way to navigate through them right now is to stay put with whatever job you have, but be alert of your surroundings. Get in touch with recruiters to be the first to know of a perfect job offer, and you’ll not only survive but thrive!

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