15 Amazing Look Inside Photos from Tech Offices around Canada

Companies like Amazon.com , Facebook, Shopify , Google and Hootsuite are moving, opening offices across Canada in cities such as Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal and employing thousands of tech professionals.

Here is a quick glance into some of them:


Fine looking office

A photo posted by Rachel Zhao (@oysterearth) on


New @shopify office in Montreal is open for business.

A photo posted by Mark Hayes (@_markhayes_) on






Our trip to #toronto's #facebook office! We had an amazing time.

A photo posted by ezresults (@ezresults) on




Remember when this happened? #WattpadStarsTO

A photo posted by wattpad (@wattpad) on


Wattpad HQ #WattpadStarsTO

A photo posted by Peyton Novak (@peyton_novak) on




Some of our students and our team at the #GoogleToronto office. (Can you see that the #Google sign is a fish tank?)

A photo posted by Miami Ad School Toronto (@miamiadschoolto) on

Googler for the day #google #toronto #googletoronto #cooloffices

A photo posted by Henry Hayes (@henry.j.hayes) on

At Google office this evening for some fun stuuff. #google #googletoronto #downtown #toronto #nda #socool

A photo posted by Shane Pikelin (@shanepikelin) on


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