8 Canadian Technology Startups That Raised Money in December 2017

Every month we list Canadian tech startups and how much money they have raised. The year ended strong with numerous companies raising millions of dollars.

December 2017 List Of Canadian Startups Raised Money

Mojio, Vancouver, BC, cloud platform for cars startup raised CAD$30M

Open, scalable and hardware agnostic, Mojio is the cloud platform of choice for the deployment of secure connected car apps and services. Mojio’s platform delivers a smarter, safer and more convenient driving and vehicle ownership experience to subscribers of major network operators, including Bell Canada, Deutsche Telekom, Rogers Communications, T-Mobile and TELUS.

LightIntegra Technology, a Vancouver, BC medical devices company, raised $3.5m

LightIntegra Technology empowers Hematologist-Oncologists, Transfusion Medicine Physicians, and Blood Banks with the information they need to provide the best care possible. Our flagship product, ThromboLUX, provides a simple and effective way to select the right blood product for the best possible transfusion outcome. ThromboLUX aids in the selection of blood products by determining the activation status of a platelet sample through a five-minute test.

Qvella, a Richmond Hill, Ontario molecular diagnostics company, raised US$20m

Qvella is a molecular diagnostics company founded in 2009 by a group of scientists and engineers with the primary goal of dramatically reducing time to results in microbiology. This objective, widely recognized as highly desirable, has proved elusive yet holds the promise of revolutionizing how medicine is practiced by offering actionable results in clinically relevant time frames to improve patient outcomes and save lives. Qvella’s Field Activated Sample Treatment (FAST™) technology utilizes a novel electrical lysing and sample treatment technique we call e-lysis™; enabling direct and fully-automated rapid detection of infectious agents from unenriched biological samples.

CrossBorder Solutions, a Belleville, Ontario-based provider of corporate tax software and services, secured $6M

CrossBorder Solutions has been keeping borders from becoming boundaries for clients throughout North America since 1997. Our staff of experienced staff ensures that each shipment is handled from origin to final destination quickly, safely and in accordance with every client’s special needs. While we utilize current technology aids to facilitate data and information exchange, we still maintain a tradition of people talking to people in a timely way. Educating, researching, strategizing and then coming up with solutions, have made us the premier service provider that companies chose to compliment their own logistics and project teams.

Artms Products, a Vancouver, BC, diagnostic imaging isotope developer, raised US$3m

ARTMS™ Products Inc. is a leader in the development of novel technologies and products which enable the production of the world’s most-used diagnostic imaging isotope, technetium‐99m (Tc‐99m), using local, hospital-based medical cyclotrons. ARTMS’ next generation high value medical isotopes include gallium-68 (Ga-68), copper-64 (Cu-64) and zirconium-68 (Zr-89). 

Aeponyx, a Montreal, Quebec micro optical switches maker , raised CAD$4.3m

AEPONYX is a fabless micro optical switch semiconductor start-up designing and manufacturing chips for fiber optic access to the cloud.

ACL, Vancouver, BC, provider of a SaaS platform for governments and companies to quantify risk, stamp out fraud, and optimize performance, raised $50m

ACL is a Vancouver-headquartered technology company focused on the global fraud detection, anti-bribery and corruption, and regulatory compliance markets. Named as one of Canada’s Top SME Employers and a BC Top Employer, ACL helps the world’s largest public and private companies stamp out fraud, operational waste and unethical business.

FindBob, a Toronto, Ontario provides transition management platforms for the financial services industry, raised USD$1.25m

Founded in 2014, Find Bob is the leading provider of transition management platforms for the financial services industry. Our mission is to ignite growth conscious cultures by aligning advisor and firm interests for every financial institution in the world.

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