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Vancouver Cracks Down on Unlincensed Airbnb

More than 1,500 licenses have been issued by the City of Vancouver to Airbnb hosts. Over 2,000 listings are being investigated due to duplicate listings and no valid license; and could result in penalties.

August 31st is the official dead line to get your license to rent out your place. Unlicensed rentals will face a stiff $1,000 penalty.

Do not think you will not get noticed by the city of Vancouver. As a compromise and a permission to do business in one of the top rental cities in the world, Airbnb went in cahoots with the City of Vancouver, and will be sharing all listings in that city with the City enforcement team.


Toronto follows Vancouver in Passing Strict Airbnb Rules

Toronto City Council has approved new rules aimed at preserving long term rentals in the city. The new rules in Toronto are similar to the recent ones passed in Vancouver. 

It will now be illegal to rent out your basement or secondary space in your primary residence. You can still rent out primary residence as before.

Alex Dagg  spokeswoman for Airbnb Canada said the company could live with the new rules.

“What’s most important here is this is truly a big step forward for the City of Toronto, in terms of really recognizing and regulating home sharing for the very first time.”

Nearly 100 Toronto leaders in tech, real estate and local business signed an open letter to Toronto Mayor JohnTory and Toronto Council in support of fair regulations for home sharing few days before the vote took place.

Dear Mayor Tory and Members of Toronto City Council,

The growth of Airbnb and home sharing reflects Toronto’s continuing evolution into a global hub for the economy of the future. Entrepreneurs and innovators from around the world are drawn to our world-class city for its diversity, its quality of life, and its openness to embracing the next generation of ideas. Toronto is the place where large and small ideas alike are being transformed into the next big thing.

The new economy is challenging old ways of doing things. Toronto must maintain its reputation as a global centre of innovation by embracing new ideas. We encourage Toronto City Council to support fair, straightforward and equitable rules that allow all Torontonians to share the home where they live – whether they are an owner or a tenant, and whether they are sharing a room, their entire home, or a secondary suite.

ArtisticOperations / Pixabay

The following rules will kick in July 1st the same day as the weed legalization across Canada:

  • Secondary residences withing primary residences would not be allowed on AirBnb even if they have their own entrances / kitchens / bathrooms unless it is rented to a tenant and he is renting it out by him or herself. What is stopping you from renting it to your uncle or a friend and then renting it through them? There might be some loop holes that need to be worked out.
  • Airbnb host would need to register with the city for $50 and keep records of their billings.
  • Airbnb host can rent out his or her entire home but only for less than half a year.
  • Airbnb itself would need to cough up $5k fee for a licence and a $1-a-night tax for each booking.
  • Airbnb would also need to make sure each listing has a City Registration.
  • Airbnb has also agreed to work with the city to reduce the noise nuisances in the neighborhoods.

Vancouver To Target AirBnb, $1k Fine if Unlicensed

To combat shortage of rentals in the city, Vancouver passed a by law limiting short term rentals.

This ban does not affect individuals renting out their own place / principal residence, but affects businesses or individuals who own or rent our more than one property.

jarmoluk / Pixabay

Vancouver’s real estate prices have been through the roof, and is now known as most un-affordable place to live in the world when it comes to purchasing real estate. On top of that, long term rental have extremely low vacancy as most of them are listed as short term.

Vancouver City Officials hope this by-law will free up some long term rental vacancy but they had no studies done / no hard evidence that this will fix the problem.

AirBnb says that this is unaffair and that it might be taking the city to court.

“We really think it’s going too far,”

– Ms. Dagg, the public policy manager for Airbnb in Canada, said from Toronto

Vancouver by law will require $49 annual registration fee and the owner to be principal resident to be able to rent out his or her own place. The fine for non compliance? A steep $1,000 penalty.

Vancouver said that they will police AirBnb website to find and fine illegal listings.

Viateur / Pixabay

Vancouver house prices soared in the last 10 or so years and average house price is now over $1 million dollars.

Ms. Dagg is pushing Airbnb in British Columbia to collect lodging tax like they do right now in Quebec, where 3.5% from each rental is collected and can be used by the government as they please. Maybe building more subsidized / public housing with that money instead of banning it outright?

Airbnb Signs Deal with Quebec , other Canadian Cities

Airbnb has long been hunted by government bodies across the world as someone who refuses to follow the rules and pay / collect taxes. This is all in a past now, at least in the province of Quebec, as well as City of Toronto.

Airbnb agreed with Quebec that it will collect a lodging tax on the province’s behalf and remit it to the province after the transaction if complete.

Renters do not have to do anything, no need to collect the tax any longer on their own behalf if they have been doing it before. This will be done automatically and start on October 1st, 2017.

The tax itself is an additional 3.5% tax levied on top of a rental fee so if it would cost $1,000 before to rent an apartment for a week, starting October 1st it will be $1,035 an additional $35 that will be taken by Airbnb and remitted to the province.

There are over 22,000 renters in the province of Quebec on Airbnb and over 1 million bookings made in the last year.

Not everyone was happy about this on Twitter:


Whether you agree with it or not, this will help Airbnb to ink more deals with other provinces and legalize its business more.

City of Toronto has also agreed on various rules with Airbnb. The plan that would implement a “One host, one home” rule for short-term rentals. It would also require hosts to register with the city and pay fees.

Montreal Breather is AirBnb for office space, raises $73m to date

Breather’s aim is to connect the world’s spaces into a network and make them globally accessible via software. Through software, networks, and vision and with a focus on customer experience and design, Breather allows everyone to access space that suits them, anywhere in the world.

Breather aims to be a reliable solution in people’s work lives, with seamless service, conveniently located spaces, and a high standard for our user experience. Ease of use is central to what Breather offers. The spaces are consistently inspiring and beautiful, well designed and thought out. Breather’s multi-functional designs speak to a diverse community of professionals, helping individuals and groups work however they are most comfortable and productive: around a big table, brainstorming in the lounge or writing out strategy soon the whiteboard.

Breather launched in Montreal before expanding to New York City. As of November 2016, Breather is available in 10 cities, adding the San Francisco Bay Area, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, D.C., London, Toronto, and Ottawa to the original two.

See video below of How to work better, by design. What kind of space makes a person feel inspired, creative and professional all at the same time? What are the types of environments that foster connection and allow for brainstorms and collaboration? Breather’s designers and researchers have studied how people work today. Breather is interested in the relationship between people and space, and what it means to create workspaces that promote productivity and collaboration.



Who started the company? Do you / team members have tech background?
Founded in 2012, by Julien Smith, CEO, and Caterina Rizzi, CCO, Breather connects people to the world’s spaces by making them accessible via their proprietary app. Each space in Breather’s 300+ global network is specially curated to be peaceful and practical and can be booked for any length of time. Located in 10 major cities across North America and the UK.

How are you being financed?
Recently in December 2016, Breather, raised a Series C round of $40 million. The funding brings Breather’s total capital raised to $73 million. Menlo Ventures led the round joined by Valar Ventures, RRE Ventures, Slow Ventures and Real Ventures.



Who is your biggest competition?
We feel that Breather doesn’t really have a direct competitor, as what we do by offering private on-demand spaces, currently does not exist in this manner. However, if we were to identify the competition, it would be companies like Peerspace, Liquidspace, Sharedesk and apps from traditional office rental businesses like Regus that now allow booking of rooms via mobile.

How are you intending on taking your company to million dollars in
revenues? In what markets?
Founded in 2012, Breather operates approximately 300 spaces across 10 markets, including in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Washington D.C., and outside of the U.S. in Toronto and London.

Breather intends to use its Series C capital for hiring, and geographic expansion, including further saturation where it already offers workspaces, and new cities as yet to be determined.

Montreal Luxury Retreats is about to be acquired by behemoth Airbnb?

AirBnB is in talks to acquire Montreal based Luxury Retreats, according to Bloomberg’s interview.

Luxury Retreats’s purchasing cost discussed was around $300m USD in cash and stock options.

“We are always looking to provide our community with access to new and different options, but we have no announcements to make,”

Airbnb spokesman Nick Papas said on Thursday. A spokesman for Luxury Retreats declined to comment.

Luxury Retreats is a full service villa rental company dedicated to creating authentic travel experiences. They provide complimentary guest support including a team of villa specialists dedicated to finding guests the perfect home to stay in, and a 24/7 personal concierge service to assist with details big and small. They provide 90+ DESTINATIONS, 3000+ LUXURY VILLAS, 500k TRAVELERS, 200 TRAVEL EXPERTS.

Airbnb is an online marketplace and homestay network enabling people to list or rent short-term lodging in residential properties, with the cost of such accommodation set by the property owner. The company receives percentage service fees from both guests and hosts in conjunction with every booking.[1] It has over 2,000,000 listings in 34,000 cities and 191 countries.