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Innovate Calgary partners with Telus to advance tech startups

Innovate Calgary has launched TELUS Technology Accelerator (TTA), a six-month program beginning December 2016 that will showcase and grow Canadian technology startups primarily in four areas: seamless experience, data analytics, health and wellness, and “last 100 metres” technologies. This program aims to rapidly accelerate a startup’s technology, business model and investability.

Each participating startup is matched with mentors from both TELUS and Innovate Calgary. These mentors bring decades of business, technical, and entrepreneurial experience to the startups.

The conclusion of the program is an opportunity for participating startups to share the results of their work. Hosted at the TELUS building in downtown Calgary, startups are invited to demonstrate their products and accomplishments to a select group of TELUS leaders and community investors.

So far – 3 startups are participating: RallyEngine – RallyEngine is a nimble, mobile-focused content publishing platform for alerting groups, rallying teams, and informing communities., Physio4D – motion tracking system that enables clinicians to objectively assess joint mobility, MedDuck – works with its partners to improve health care outcomes through the appropriate use of nimble mobile application solutions.


Interested in qualifying? Make sure that you are

1. Incorporated in Canada

2. Working on your startup full-time

3. Revenue, or an identified path to revenue

4. Validated technology as determined by a customer demonstration, field trial etc.


Companies in any technology area that address any of the four priority areas are encouraged to apply:

Seamless Experience: Technologies that enable users to access and/or generate any content and/or information on any device, anywhere, anytime, for an integrated communications and entertainment experience.

Data Analytics: Services and applications that simplify the managing and securing of IoT devices, as well as any solutions that offer clear analysis of IoT-related data to TELUS and its customers, to enable improved and expedient business decision-making through data insights.

Health and Wellness: Initiatives that promote healthier lifestyles through technologies, such as ones based on network sensors and wearable devices that leverage network infrastructure and APIs to enable more efficient physician collaboration, or increasing patient awareness and self-monitoring as part of a holistic preventative healthcare plan.

Last 100m: Technologies that dramatically reduce the costs of building actual fiber connections to each building/home, while maintaining high levels of reliability and low operational costs in the long run even in the face of the severe northern climatic conditions.


Read more at www.innovatecalgary.com