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Lyft is Officially Launched in Canada

The game is on, competition game anyways. Uber watch out. Lyft, the second most popular ride sharing service is now in the Greater Toronto area. Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa – you need to wait your turn – Sorry.

Lyft is a great alternative to Uber, especially if you do not want to get stuck with $18k Uber user has recently had to pay for 20 min Uber ride.

So now that Lyft has come to Toronto you can use our PlanetWeb promotional code to get $10 off if you are interested in signing up: code PLANETWEB – https://www.lyft.com/invite/PlanetWeb

As you can see from the area of coverage below, you can now use Lyft whether you live in Newmarket or Oakville or even as far as Hamilton and Oshawa.

Starting today you can now catch Lyft anywhere you go in the GTA. You can also compare prices with Uber to see which one is faster / cheaper.

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Lyft has also launched a campaign to raise money for Sick Kids, Toronto children’s hospital. Noble cause indeed.

We Ride for SickKids Foundation

Round Up & Donate uses the power of our community to raise money for good causes.

Lyft riders can opt in to round up each fare to the nearest dollar, and the difference is donated to a cause of their choice. On average, Round Up & Donate costs just a few dollars per month, but collectively our action can make a big change.

To kick things off, we’ll round up the fares on our end for every ride in December and donate the difference to SickKids Foundation. The more you ride, the more we’ll donate.

In January, Torontonians can raise money for SickKids Foundation by opting in.

Once again, now that Lyft has come to Toronto you can use our PlanetWeb promotional code to get $10 off if you are interested in signing up: code PLANETWEB – https://www.lyft.com/invite/PlanetWeb

Fly from Toronto to Waterloo in 18 minutes: Silicon Valley North United

Waterloo as you know is dubbed as Silicon Valley of the North. With over 1,200 new ventures for a population of around 600,000 is the region that has the highest startup density of any area globally.

That is a good thing – but a lot of times Waterloo startup community is connected tightly with Toronto area startup community, especially when it comes to financing and recruiting.

So how can Toronto visit Waterloo and vice versa on daily basis? Well now you would need to be stuck in traffic of around 4 hours round trip. Or take Go Train for around the same time of about 4 to 5 hours wasted.

Do not fret, starting November 6, FlyGTA will offer daily flights to the Waterloo region from downtown Toronto from Monday to Friday. Their planes will seat eight passengers, and only cost $129. No need to be a big hustler to afford one of these trips. And if you travel a lot – the tickets can become as cheap as $105 one way. The flight itself will only take 18 minutes.

Amazon – are you listening? Time to open your HQ2 here.

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This is on top of their Niagara Falls flights – only 10 minutes (vs 2.5 hours in traffic round trip) and Muskoka – The Malibu of the North according to NY TImes (ummmm.. I mean Barrie flights) – about 18 minutes.