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WeWork, coworking startup, to open 20 more Toronto locations

20 more – no that is not a typo. Even though the company only has 3 locations now in Toronto. This is mainly due to Toronto’s rapid growth as tech sector and attractive place to do business for startups.

Dave McLaughlin, general manager for the Northeast at WeWork said:

“The bottom line is, we don’t see any limit to demand. We’re definitely setting our sights high for the city and we think it is an amazing ecosystem for business.”

WeWork claims 98% occupancy rate at 2 of their 3 locations.

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McLaughlin said the success is part due to very cool Drake designs at their offices, beer kegs, and easy to use app that connects tenants (people who rent their office space) with their office spaces.

“Part of what we sell, and part of what’s so inspiring for people is the sense that they like coming in to work. That’s hard to capture, but it’s real and it’s essential to what we do and why people love what we do.”