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Amazon’s Fight with Toronto Drivers’ Union

According to The Logic, in-depth reporting publication, Toronto’s Amazon Drivers Union says that Amazon’s anti-union tactics made drivers lose their jobs and made one courier company go bankrupt.

Union says that under existing conditions with Amazon, drivers are powerless to negotiate their working conditions. Amazon says that drivers are not direct employees and are contractors only.

Union, United Food and Commercial Workers Canada (UFCW), is not happy with that explanation and has decided to lodge a complaint with the board. They allege that by denying drivers’ full time employee status and just consider them contractors yet directing all of the work Amazon creates unfair labour practice.


In 2017-2018 one courier company, DEC Fleet Services, used to operate in Mississauga and Scarborough to deliver for Amazon exclusively. They have decided to unionize while delivering for Amazon. Due to unionization the operating costs went up. Soon after the unionization Amazon has cut their usage of the firm and a year later DEC has declared bankruptcy.

Amazon and DEC did not have a fixed contract, meaning that Amazon could end its contract for any reason. Amazon denies that DEC’s drivers are Amazon’s employees.

DEC’s president Sandy Montgomery said that with working for Amazon:

“I saw a ton of low-margin, major-effort work. Everybody wants free delivery; everybody wants cheap. On the other hand, they want to earn top dollar. It’s a challenging line of work.”

DEC’s president Sandy Montgomery

Another company All Canadian Courier, has decided to unionized. They wanted the more senior drivers to select their own routes and schedule while working for Amazon.

However that has not been allowed due to a clause in Amazon’s agreement: “Amazon has specific operational and or other requirements that are beyond the control of the company and are a requirement of maintaining the business. These requirements are subject to change without notice and are as determined by the customer. “

The union has since rejected that wording.

Ontario Officially Approves Drone Deliveries

The future is here. Drones will officially start their deliveries in Ontario starting March 1st 2019.

Small community of Moose Factory, with population ‎of 2458, has signed on with Drone Deliver Canada to help them with deliveries of food, mail and medical supplies as it is almost impossible to get them to the island by other means.

The tiny community can only be accessed via Moose River, but it is very difficult in fall and spring when boats can not pass yet ice is not strong enough to drive on. The only way residents can get stuff they want is to charter a helicopter which can take time and be very costly.


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This drone solution will be very cost efficient and can be used frequently to transport the needed goods. Amazing advancement first of its kind right here in Canada.

Stan Kapashesit, Moose Cree First Nation’s director of economic development said in the interview with CBC:

“It will be something to be proud of and to be used in a way that’s meaningful to our people, especially in our remote Indigenous communities. Hopefully it connects us more and creates that railroad in the sky.”

For now the load drones will carry 5 kg each run. Drone will use GPS location to go from the mainland to the island’s depot station.



Costco Starts Online Deliveries in Canada

It is a good day to be alive. Costco, the largest retailer in North America, has announced that it has started online deliveries in Canada. Unfortunately the debut is limited to people who live in Toronto area as well as Southern Ontario.

You can now stock up on hundreds of items such as non-perishable grocery items, beauty products and supplements. No matter what your heart desires those enormously large boxes of Costco products can be waiting for you at your door steps within days.

Costco says that delivery is now only available in the Greater Toronto area and southern Ontario and that they will be expanding their coverage in the future. So as long as you live in the hot and desirable postal codes of Toronto and Southern Ontario you can order and get it delivered for free. Barrie Ontario somehow made it on Costco delivery list even though it is officially in Central Ontario but places like Kingston and Ottawa and other provinces are not covered for now.

Costco delivery is free and guaranteed within two days, as long as your order is $75 or more. Deliveries unfortunately can not be done over the weekend.

Costco Canada’s Senior Vice-President and Senior General Merchandise Manager Andrée Brien said

“We are starting on a smaller scale to ensure that we provide the level of service that Canadian members have come to enjoy across all of our businesses and services.”

Andrée said that the service will eventually be rolled out to the rest of Ontario and Quebec.

Note deliveries do not include perishable items such as steak, fish and chicken. You would still need to get into your car and drive to go pick it up.



Whole Foods / Amazon To Deliver Groceries in Toronto and Vancouver

Amazon just took over Whole Foods last week it is already making plans to do grocery deliveries in Toronto and Vancouver areas. This is on top of slashing prices on hundreds of products.


You will need to have a Prime Account on Amazon, and if reports are true you will be able to order and get your groceries within 2 hour window for delivery in Toronto.

The service will start in November in Vancouver and January in Toronto. Make sure to sign up for Prime Account before that. Bon Appetit!

Vancouver Routific delivers Optimization Software For Delivery Businesses / raises $1.2M USD

We help last-mile delivery businesses save up to 40% on driving time and fuel with our industry-leading route optimization software.

Who started the company? Do you / team members have tech background?

Marc Kuo is Founder and CEO of Routific. He wrote his thesis on complex vehicle routing and scheduling problems. After graduation, Marc worked as a logistics consultant in the Netherlands and then as an algorithmic trader in Hong Kong. He started Routific because he saw so much waste in the supply chain, and recognized that he could do something to help reduce inefficiencies on a grand scale.

Routific’s co-founders come from very diverse backgrounds. CTO Andre Soesilo is a former Microsoft software engineer. COO Andrew Kwok is a mechanical engineer by training and has spent the last decade in a technical sales role in Southeast Asia. CMO Suzanne Ma is an award-winning journalist and published author.

Our growing team is diverse and made up of software engineers, designers, sales people and marketers. You can learn more about Routific’s team here and here.

How are you being financed?

Routific was one of ten teams accepted into Techstars Chicago in 2015. We managed to raise seed funding after the program’s Demo Day.

What do you think will be / is a big obstacle to overcome?

Our team is focused on growth. For marketing, that means bringing more qualified leads to Routific.com. For sales, it’s about converting those leads into customers. And for our engineers, it means constantly shipping improvements to our software to accommodate our growing customer base.

How do you go about finding good developers / IT guys for your company?
Sometimes word of mouth and referrals. We post jobs on Angellist. And we’ve managed to find some great talent from the University of British Columbia’s computer science co-op program.

The power and efficiency of our proprietary algorithm combined with a stellar user experience makes Routific the best routing solution for the mid-tier market.

Who is your biggest competition?

We have a handful of direct competitors in the space. What distinguishes us from them is our mission to be the most accessible and easy-to-use routing software on the market. Our team is also constantly shipping improvements to the software, so Routific is always innovating and evolving.

How are you intending on taking your company to million dollars in revenues? In what markets?

Delivery businesses are on the rise with the popularity of e-commerce, and growing demands from consumers. Routific has come to the market at just the right time. Our software is being leveraged by hundreds of businesses across the globe in many different verticals. We’ll continue shipping beautiful software, and we’ll continue to onboard new businesses every day.

What is the big lesson you’ve learned (success or failure) with this project.

Find good co-founders. Build a founding team that shares the same core values. Do this and you’ll succeed at whatever you do!

Website: www.routific.com