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Ontario Officially Approves Drone Deliveries

The future is here. Drones will officially start their deliveries in Ontario starting March 1st 2019.

Small community of Moose Factory, with population ‎of 2458, has signed on with Drone Deliver Canada to help them with deliveries of food, mail and medical supplies as it is almost impossible to get them to the island by other means.

The tiny community can only be accessed via Moose River, but it is very difficult in fall and spring when boats can not pass yet ice is not strong enough to drive on. The only way residents can get stuff they want is to charter a helicopter which can take time and be very costly.


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Good morning from Mission Control in Moosonee, Ontario ! #DDCBVLOS #BVLOSTRIALS

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This drone solution will be very cost efficient and can be used frequently to transport the needed goods. Amazing advancement first of its kind right here in Canada.

Stan Kapashesit, Moose Cree First Nation’s director of economic development said in the interview with CBC:

“It will be something to be proud of and to be used in a way that’s meaningful to our people, especially in our remote Indigenous communities. Hopefully it connects us more and creates that railroad in the sky.”

For now the load drones will carry 5 kg each run. Drone will use GPS location to go from the mainland to the island’s depot station.



SkyX, Toronto drone charging startup, raises $5.2m Canadian

SkyX, based in Markham , Ontario, raised $5.4m from Chinese based technology group. Company is specializing in drone charging stations, so that drones can monitor vital objects like oil and gas pipelines.

SkyX drones are half-helicopter, half-plane and built to fly long distances so that they can monitor vital objects.

Skyx is targeting energy industry first. According to Skyx website, In North America alone, more than $37 billion US is spent annually inspecting such pipelines. It is often done with either conventional manned aircraft, ground inspection, or even satellite imagery.

Video outlines the product functionalities:

Montreal startup Flystro makes it easier to film using drones

Flystro is an online marketplace connecting companies with drone pilots everywhere for aerial filming services. using Flystro, companies from different industries like real estate, construction or events, can easily find a drone pilot and be sure they are receiving the best price and product.

Real estate drone video:



Who started the company? Do you / team members have tech background?

Flystro was launched by two co-founders: Bassam Rhou (CEO) who is an aerospace engineer and a MBA graduate with 8 years of experience in aerospace industry, and Marwan Benyoussef (CTO) who is a software engineer with ten years of experience in major software projects. Both co-founders shared the same passion for drones and decided to work together to build a platform to disrupt the aerial filming industry.

How are you being financed?

Flystro was initially bootstrapped by the co-founders. Later, Flystro received funding from various sources like Futurpreneur Canada. Start-Up Chile and Fondation Montreal Inc.
Flystro was graduated from the Founder Institute Montreal (2015), Start-Up Chile (2016) and National Bank of Canada – HEC Accelerator (2016).

What do you think will be / is a big obstacle to overcome?

A big obstacle to overcome will be the drone regulations. Currently there are many restrictions in operating drones for commercial purposes. However, the government authorities in various countries are working on new regulations that will remove several restrictions without impacting the public safety.

How do you go about finding good developers / IT guys for your company?

We found that the best way to find good developers or designers is networking. Several startups recruiting events are organized from time to time where entrepreneurs can find highly skilled individuals who are looking to work with a startup.
Another good way to find motivated skilled IT guys is to use websites like Angelist or f6s which offer a big database of highly skilled potential candidates.

Who is your biggest competition?

We were the first in Canada to launch a marketplace for drone filming services. Currently, most of our competitors are few early stage startups that are mainly in US. We are differentiating ourselves by offering added value features and by helping drone pilots to have their certifications. For example, we are offering free templates to apply to Transport Canada for aspiring drone pilots in Canada.

How are you intending on taking your company to million dollars in revenues? In what markets?

Currently we are operating mainly in North America for industries like real estate and events. We are planning to expand geographically to other promising markets like Europe and South America and to be more present in some industries like inspection and infrastructures.

What is the big lesson you’ve learned (success or failure) with this project.

The biggest lesson I have learned is the importance of keeping the focus. Entrepreneurs are always tempted by opportunities that can move them in too many directions at the same time. As entrepreneur, you have always to ask yourself if any action you plan to do is in line with your vision and strategy. If the response is no don’t do it!

Website: http://www.flystro.com