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Top 50 Canadian Tech Companies To Watch Out For in 2018, According to Deloitte

Deloitte, one of the “Big Four” accounting firms and the largest professional services network in the world by revenue and number of professionals, has released its yearly published Top 50 Canadian Tech Companies to Watch For.

This year, all top 3 companies fast growing tech companies come as no surprise hail from Ontario, Yours To Discover. As a matter of fact, the list was dominated by 29 companies / almost 60% from Ontario. British Columbia took second spot with 13 companies / almost 30%, and Quebec only had 5 companies (only 10%). Rest were spread out across Canada – mainly in the Prairies.

Diply, London Ontario, a leading social entertainment publisher that creates captivating content for millennials, took the #1 top spot with mindblowing 92881.1% growth.


The #2 spot was taken by Burlington Ontario Prodigy Games, doing a noble job of teaching over 20 million students, teachers, and parents with their free math game for Grades 1 – 8.

So you do not have to be like this guy

And to round up the Top 3 spot was a company with similar name to #2 – Prodigy Ventures from Toronto Ontario, an innovation company, and an early stage investment opportunity in emerging technologies.

Once you used the math game software from #2 , you can straight apply to #3 😉


Anders McKenzie, managing partner at Deloitte Canada, said:

“Fast 50 winners achieve incredible growth. These companies foster the economic prosperity and success of our country. The technology, media and telecommunications sector has achieved significant advances in the last twenty years. This current innovative cohort of companies continues to lead the pack in transforming the way we live and work. They should be incredibly proud of the impact they are making across all industries and how they are shaping the world as we know it today and what it will look like tomorrow.”

Wonder – who made the top 3 from your neck of the woods? Let’s see.

Top 3 Fastest Growing Tech from British Columbia

#4 Bench Accounting from Vancouver

#7 Send to News from Victoria

#9 Refresh Financial from Kelowna

Top 3 Fastest Growing Tech from Quebec

#15 FixmeStick from Montreal

#20 PixMob from Montreal

#29 PlusGrade from Montreal


The full list of Top 50 Canadian Tech is below, so what are you waiting for? Time to apply – they are all hiring. How else do you think they can grow?


Rank Company Name City Province Growth %
1 Diply London ON 92881.1%
2 Prodigy Game Burlington ON 18933.0%
3 Prodigy Ventures Toronto ON 16790.9%
4 Bench Accounting Vancouver BC 12814.3%
5 SkipTheDishes Winnipeg MB 10969.6%
6 StackAdapt Toronto ON 10301.0%
7 SendtoNews Victoria BC 9277.7%
8 Maropost Toronto ON 7038.2%
9 Refresh Financial Kelowna BC 5482.7%
10 Benevity Calgary AB 5410.7%
11 Unata Toronto ON 4269.7%
12 Bold Commerce Winnipeg MB 3692.1%
13 Influitive Toronto ON 3682.7%
14 Awesense Vancouver BC 3058.3%
15 FixMeStick Technologies Inc. Montreal QC 2698.2%
16 Vidyard Kitchener ON 2139.9%
17 Wave Toronto ON 1949.6%
18 Canada Drives Vancouver BC 1759.5%
19 IntraGrain Technologies Inc. Regina SK 1496.7%
20 PixMob Montreal QC 1253.0%
21 Foodee Vancouver BC 1035.6%
22 Visier Vancouver BC 989.2%
23 Axonify Waterloo ON 958.2%
24 Shopify Ottawa ON 896.5%
25 BroadbandTV Vancouver BC 888.7%
26 Allocadia Vancouver BC 852.2%
27 TouchBistro Inc. Toronto ON 838.3%
28 Sortable Kitchener ON 801.9%
29 Plusgrade Montreal QC 785.7%
30 Big Blue Bubble London ON 785.4%
31 Neurio Vancouver BC 781.3%
32 RateHub Toronto ON 768.7%
33 Unbounce Vancouver BC 680.5%
34 Buyatab Online Inc. Vancouver BC 626.8%
35 Motoinsight Toronto ON 625.7%
36 Top Hat Toronto ON 616.9%
37 mobileLIVE Richmond Hill ON 601.1%
38 Arcane Digital Inc. London ON 553.0%
39 eSentire Cambridge ON 531.8%
40 Voices.com London ON 506.4%
41 Dealer-FX Markham ON 506.2%
42 Klipfolio Ottawa ON 505.2%
43 You.i TV Ottawa ON 499.0%
44 Budge Studios Montréal QC 482.4%
45 Media Resources Inc. Oakville ON 477.4%
46 Eastside Games Inc. Vancouver BC 472.1%
47 Big Viking Games London ON 424.7%
48 Magnet Forensics Waterloo ON 399.6%
49 GSOFT Montreal QC 386.7%
50 500px Toronto ON 382.9%
50 TextNow Waterloo ON 382.9%

Want to Hire / Get a Tech Job Work Permit in Canada? 2 Weeks is All You Need With a New Program

PLEASE NOTE: This became one of our most read articles. Mostly by professionals outside of Canada trying to get a tech job in Canada.

Below article describes the process what CANADIAN company needs to do to extend an offer. For candidates applying, you still need to apply, interview and secure a job offer from Canadian company.

After you accept an offer, Canadian company would need to figure out the work visa category to submit your profile through, do market labour assessment, pay the fee and submit your profile to the government for review. Government guarantees 2 week turn around time.

However, some Canadian companies even with 2 week turn around time still do not want to go through the process due to fees, legalities, headache involved.

Please note that it is illegal for company to ask candidate to pay the processing fee. Good luck.

After months, and years of waiting , Global Skills Strategy has finally arrived.

Canada has shortage of IT talent, sometimes candidates from abroad ask for salary of $60,000-70,000 just to end up getting $100,000 because of their skills are so in demand. The government of Canada realized that the only way to keep the economy going is to get some skilled workers into Canada fast. And by fast, we mean super fast, like 2 weeks after you apply fast.

Here is how the whole process works, please bear in mind, this has just started and there might be some caveats down the road:

  • First – figure out if you qualify – there are two categories through which you can get in:Category A:There are 2 paths to be eligible in Category A:1) Designated Partner for referral to Services Canada.The Partners are:Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
    BC Tech Association
    Business Development Bank of Canada
    Communitech Corporation
    Council of Canadian Innovators
    Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario
    Global Affairs Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service
    ICT Manitoba (ICTAM)
    Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada – Accelerated Growth Service
    MaRS Discovery District
    National Research Council – Industrial Research Assistance Program
    Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration
    Ontario Ministry of Economic Growth and Development
    VENN Innovation2) Hiring talent that has Advanced knowledge of the industry or an Advanced degree in an area of specialization of interest to the employer; AND/OR Minimum of five years of experience in the field of specialized experience; AND A highly paid position with a salary of usually $80,000 or more. If you are hiring talent with this profile, you can apply directly to the Global Skills Visa.
  •  Category B: For Category B of the Global Talent Stream, employers must hire highly-skilled foreign workers to fill positions in occupations found on the following list:
  • National Occupations Classification (NOC) code Occupation Minimum wage requirement (annual salary) Minimum wage requirement (hourly rate)
    0213 Computer and information systems managers not applicable not applicable
    2147 Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers) not applicable not applicable
    2171 Information systems analysts and consultants not applicable not applicable
    2172 Database analysts and data administrators not applicable not applicable
    2173 Software engineers and designers not applicable not applicable
    2174 Computer programmers and interactive media developers not applicable not applicable
    2175 Web designers and developers not applicable not applicable
    2241 Electrical and electronics engineering technologists and technicians $81,000 $38.94
    2283 Information systems testing technicians $78,000 $37.50
    Sub-set of 5241* Digital Media and Design*position requires a minimum of five years of industry experience, and skills requirements including: 3D modeling, virtual and augmented reality; animation, level editing, editor and pipeline software and tools in applicable industry; other specialized knowledge of software framework in applicable industry (for example, Unreal 3.0); and/or, Experience in planning and managing a project. $80,000 $38.46

    OK, all qualified and ready to go? You can go ahead and submit that application: 
    Follow the guide on how to apply on the Canadian Government website that outlines the steps needed. You can apply online HERE. You must fill out the following forms:

    Global Talent Stream Application Form (EMP5624)
    Global Talent Stream – Annex 1 Additional Occupation
    Proof of Business Legitimacy, if applicable

    Also, make sure to read this Applicant Guide to understand how to best fill in the forms mentioned above! You’ll also need to pay a whopping $1,000 processing fee.

    4. Make a Labour Market Benefit Plan.

    Services Canada (ESDC) will work with you to create a Labour Market Benefits Plan during / after the application process. You’ll need to make different plans based on your Category. Category A: Commit to creating jobs, either directly or indirectly for Canadians and permanent residents as your mandatory benefit. Category B: Commit to increasing skills and training investments for Canadians and permanent residents as your mandatory benefit. In addition, you’ll need to make two complementary benefits with at least one activity for each benefit. The complementary benefits identified by an employer in their Plan cannot be the same as the mandatory benefit. Examples of Complementary Benefits:

    Increasing the number of Canadians or permanent residents employed full-time and part-time by the firm
    – Establishing educational partnerships with local or regional post-secondary institutes or with other organizations that are supporting skills and training
    – Paid co-op or internship programs
    – Developing and implementing policies to support the hiring of underrepresented groups
    – Directly training Canadians or permanent residents
    – Directly supervising and mentoring Canadians or permanent residents
    – Increasing growth of revenue, employment or investment; and
    – Developing/enhancing partnerships with organizations that assist with the identification of top domestic capital

    This will be done together with Services Canada, so don’t need to worry about it before applying!

    5. Work with Services Canada to finish application. After you apply a team member from Services Canada will get in touch with you either through email or phone to process your application. They will work closely with you to make sure everything runs smoothly and you can bring in the best talent that you need to grow your business.

This is the easiest and fastest way to get tech talent into Canada to date. Enjoy!

Source: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/news/2017/06/government_of_canadalaunchestheglobalskillsstrategy.html