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Facebook Scolds Canada

Canadian regulators said that Facebook’s weak privacy protection was to blame for millions of users’ data being exposed.

Canadian privacy commissionaire said that Facebook broke national and provincial regulations when it came to sharing user data with third parties.

Facebook flat-out refused to agree with the Canadian government’s legal findings and refused audits of its privacy procedures.

Daniel Therrien, The Privacy Commissioner of Canada, told New York Times:

“They told us outright that they do not agree with our legal findings. I find that absolutely untenable that a company can tell a regulator that it does not respect its findings.”

Therrien said that they will be taking Facebook to Canadian federal court but he acknowledges that even if Facebook is found guilty due to Canadian law system , it might only be fined few thousand dollars.

Facebook was not happy with Therrien’s announcement and released the following statement:

“After many months of good-faith cooperation and lengthy negotiations, we are disappointed. There’s no evidence that Canadians’ data was shared with Cambridge Analytica, and we’ve made dramatic improvements to our platform to protect people’s personal information.”

While Canada might impose penalties against Facebook in the future there are most likely be puny when compares to up to $5 billion dollars that might be imposed against them by Federal Trade Commission for privacy violations.

Therrien said he is not happy with a current system and is worried because some 622,000 Canadians may have been affected by personal data exposure. Therrien said that he wants better privacy laws in Canada as well as a way for regulators penalize companies.

Canada never adopted stiff penalties like many other European countries.

iPhone Facetime’s Hack

Update: Apple released iOS 12.1.4 that fixes FaceTime security flaw that let people eavesdrop in on you or even see your camera without your authorization. Feel free to go to Settings > General > Software update to do the update now.

You would never expect a large firm like Apple would let you eavesdrops on another person’s iPhone. But yesterday social media went crazy discussing how easy it is to do just that.

Basically you can call another person’s iPhone and eavesdrop or even see a video without the other person’s accepting it.

Apple acknowledge that it’s a bug in their Facetime software system and even without answering the call the other person can hear and see what you are doing.

We’re aware of this issue and we have identified a fix that will be released in a software update later this week


Apple has also said that it has disabled group Facetime chat, the software that was causing an issue.

This is a big setback for Apple as it is trying to a be a leader when it comes to its users’ privacy.

At Planetweb, we have replicated an issue. It is very simple to do. Just call someone using Facetime and while calling, swipe up and add yourself to the convesation. Even if the other person does not answer – you will stay connected and can hear the other person’s microphone.

What’s even worse, if that person mutes the incoming call with up or down volume button, that will switch on his or her camera, and you will be able to see video.

How to fix it? Just wait for an update from Apple. You have been warned.

Canadian Webcams Hacked by Russian Website

If you have any sort of webcam or baby cam, better switch it off, change the default password or update the software.

Multiple news outlets reported that website called Insecam.org , operating out of Russia, is streaming hundreds of Canadian based hacked cameras. The way they get around security is that a lot of people using cams do not update the default password or update the software on the camera.

The website itself denies that cams are hacked. But just browsing website you can see for yourself a lot of cameras are showing content that some people might consider as privacy violation and would not want to be seen online.

One clinic in Toronto was a victim of hacked camera where you can see patients lining up to give their private details to the receptionist.

“Everyone was surprised and we were kind of concerned. We have a lot private information here.” 

The way it stands right now, you have over few hundreds cameras showing up in Canada broadcasting from places such as Burlington, Ontario to Richmond, BC. Most cams are operational 24/7.

Loblaw’s Loyalty PC Points Stolen After a Hack

Go check your PC points account, loyalty program operated by Canadian retail conglomerate Loblaw Companies,  you might have been the latest victim of a hack conducted by hackers over the last few months.

According to CBC, many stolen points ended up being redeemed for products at Loblaws stores in Quebec even though PC points users saying they have never set foot in that province.

The hack has happened after Loblaw have combined PC Points from Loblaw stores to include Shoppers Drug Mart also known as Pharmaprix in Quebec.

PhotoMIX-Company / Pixabay

Loblaws spokeswoman Catherine Thomas said

“We have strong security measures in place across our digital platforms and take any sign of unusual activity very seriously. “

Noone is quite sure how hackers are able to login into hundreds of accounts and then just spend the points at the stores. Loblaws stated that if the account gets hacked then hackers will get access to your name, address, phone number and points balance.

So you have to ask yourself – is your stolen identity really worth the extra few bucks you will get with points? We are just happy that all those stolen points in Quebec can not be applied against booze or cigarettes in that province due to regulations – take that PC Points Thief!

Bell Canada Hacked, User Data Breached

Bell Canada is alerting its users that it was hacked and user data was taken. It said that hackers have accessed the customer personal information.

Media reports that potentially as many as 100,000 users are affected by this data breach. Bell Canada did not confirm the exact number as of yet.


In the data that was obtained by hackers – there were such things as names, emails, company names and phone numbers.  Bell said that no credit card or banking info was obtained.

iAmMrRob / Pixabay

RCMP is taking over investigation.