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Amazon Will Be Hiring 2,500 Employees in THESE 2 Cities in Ontario

If you were thinking of moving west and living in Hamilton – right now might be a good time to move there. Amazon has announced that they will be hiring 2,500 employees in Hamilton as well as Ajax areas.

Amazon mentioned that they would like to have people hired in 2021. Amazon is currently employing over 21,000 of people in Canada.

We’ve had great success with the talented workforce in Ontario, and we look forward to creating an additional 2,500 full-time jobs with competitive pay and benefits starting on day one.


Sumegha Kumar

Amazon Canada’s customer fulfilment operations director

These fulfillment centers will have about 1,500 people working in Hamilton while 1,000 will work in Ajax. Fulfillment centers are big warehouses where Amazon holds most of the products and ships them out to customers, sometimes the same day you place an order.

Right now, Amazon has 10 fulfillment centers in Ontario and 6 in the rest of Canada.

Amazon continues to hire people around the world, topping 1 million employees, and is now only second to Walmart for number of people hired.

Lyft is Officially Launched in Canada

The game is on, competition game anyways. Uber watch out. Lyft, the second most popular ride sharing service is now in the Greater Toronto area. Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa – you need to wait your turn – Sorry.

Lyft is a great alternative to Uber, especially if you do not want to get stuck with $18k Uber user has recently had to pay for 20 min Uber ride.

So now that Lyft has come to Toronto you can use our PlanetWeb promotional code to get $10 off if you are interested in signing up: code PLANETWEB – https://www.lyft.com/invite/PlanetWeb

As you can see from the area of coverage below, you can now use Lyft whether you live in Newmarket or Oakville or even as far as Hamilton and Oshawa.

Starting today you can now catch Lyft anywhere you go in the GTA. You can also compare prices with Uber to see which one is faster / cheaper.

Quotagame / Pixabay

Lyft has also launched a campaign to raise money for Sick Kids, Toronto children’s hospital. Noble cause indeed.

We Ride for SickKids Foundation

Round Up & Donate uses the power of our community to raise money for good causes.

Lyft riders can opt in to round up each fare to the nearest dollar, and the difference is donated to a cause of their choice. On average, Round Up & Donate costs just a few dollars per month, but collectively our action can make a big change.

To kick things off, we’ll round up the fares on our end for every ride in December and donate the difference to SickKids Foundation. The more you ride, the more we’ll donate.

In January, Torontonians can raise money for SickKids Foundation by opting in.

Once again, now that Lyft has come to Toronto you can use our PlanetWeb promotional code to get $10 off if you are interested in signing up: code PLANETWEB – https://www.lyft.com/invite/PlanetWeb

Toronto Canadian Russian Speaking Hacker is Behind Yahoo Hack

22 year old Hamilton Ontario area resident , Karim Baratov, was arrested and is now alleged to be behind the biggest Yahoo hack. He has dropped out from high school but was living luxurious life.

Karim has dual Canadian Kazakh citizenship and lives just outside of Toronto. He is now been arrested due to hacking and selling Yahoo passwords for $100 each.

Karim has pictures all over the internet showing off exotic cars, houses, watches, cigars as well as hanging out in night clubs.




Karim owns two luxury cars : an Aston Martin, and Mercedes Benz sedan. All of which will be forfeited to the US if they manage to convict him.




This quote has been taken from his Facebook page:

Hey guys, let me share a very personal story with you, that not many people know. Exactly 4 years ago I got suspended from school for a few weeks for threatening to kill my ex-friend as a joke. At first, I felt really upset as I have never got into trouble before; but time off school allowed me to work on my online projects 24/7, and really move my businesses to the next level. I was well off in high school to be able to afford driving a BMW 7 series and pay off a mortgage on my first house; however, all the extra free time allowed me to make triple and even quadruple the normal amount. By the time my suspension was done, I changed my whole life plan! I didn’t wanna do post secondary anymore! The principal asked me to go see her and asked if I learned my lesson. She was very rude the whole time, so I politely asked her to go fuck herself, which led to my expulsion as I wanted. I only had 1 semester to graduate anyways, which I completed in 2 weeks by taking half courses online, and half via self-education program. Everything happens for a reason, and this really changed my life to better! My advise to you is give yourself permission to get the most out of your life. Taking shortcuts doesn’t mean shortcutting the end result.



Mr Baratov is now expecting a court hearing in Canada and will face extradiction request to the US. US has charged him with conspiring to commit access device fraud, commit wire fraud, aggravated identity theft and conspiring to commit computer fraud and abuse. He is facing up to 20 years in jail if convicted.

He is one of four men indicted by the US, however the other three are hiding somewhere in Russia and two countries (USA and Russia) do not have extradition treaty.