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Toronto is #4 On Tech Talent List, Adds 66,900 Jobs In 5 Years

Real Estate firm CBRE ranked 50 cities in North America on their ability to attract tech talent to those cities. CBRE used 13 criterias to rank cities such as tech-talent supply, cost of living, educational degrees and real estate prices.

Toronto ranked #4 on the list, and #1 in Canada for the best city where technology talent wants to come and work.

Toronto did move down from #3 to #4 in this ranking as Washington DC moved 2 spots up to #2 right after San Francisco which is still holding #1 spot.

Seattle ranked #3 and New York City ranked #5 after Toronto.

Some Canadians cities fared well while some others dropped in ranking. Vancouver retained its #12 spot, Ottawa jumped 5 spots to #14, while Montreal dropped 3 spots to #16 and Calgary finally made it to Top 50 List as #34.

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Toronto added an impressive 66,900 jobs or almost 37% more tech jobs over the last 5 years. The second biggest add after San Francisco.

CBRE said that even though Toronto salary raised 11.2% over the last year, it is still much cheaper and more affordable than salaries in US cities.