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Downloading Illegally in Canada? It Can Cost You

Hollywood studios have found a new way to track down and sue illegal downloaders in Canada. Canadian government and Canadian courts are fine with it. Your ignorance will not be taken into an account.

Movie studios have started sending registered mail to houses and apartments associated with an IP of people illegally downloading movies and TV shows.

The notice states that Canadian Internet provider has notified Hollywood studios of your illegal downloads and that you have been found downloading illegal content. Studios are fed up with all the illegal downloads so they have found a way to track down users due to the location of IP address and how it is registered with your Internet provider.

The worst thing you can do is to ignore the notice, as the default judgement most likely will result in $5,000 fine. After getting the judgement the movie studios can come after your salary or can put a lien against your house.

Recently passed Copyright Modernization Act allows service providers to provide updates to the owner of the content the list of users who have downloaded their content illegally.

This is what the letter you might receive will look like. Most users report not getting any warnings from their ISP but just getting this letter in a mail.

Once again, you will want to file a defense within 30 days or the judgement will rendered automatically against you.

Why risk it? In Canada, you can watch HBO for example, through channels like Crave, which costs $20 a month and includes HBO and Showtime. $20 a month sure sounds like a better deal than $5,000 for one illegal download.

Netflix to add Production Hub in Toronto, To Create 1850 Jobs

Netflix just announced that it will be launching film and production hub at Toronto’s waterfront studio district.

They will have 84,580 square feet of space, that they are currently leasing, and will start filming within the next few weeks.

In 4-5 months Netflix is expected to move to even bigger venue with 164,000 square there.

This will help them with their production of series and films, including the horror anthology series Guillermo del Toro Presents Ten After Midnight, the film Let It Snow and others. Netflix claims that the new hub in Toronto will add 1,850 jobs per year.

Mayor John Tory has recently been talking and hinting about the Netflix studio over the last few months but it only got confirmed this week.

“I’ve been excited from day one about the interest Netflix has shown in establishing a much bigger presence in Toronto. Great crews, great studio space, great customer service and great companies like Netflix make Toronto the best place in North America to make television shows and movies.”

John Tory

Netflix has been in the news in Canada a lot lately due to their decision to invest $500 million into Canada and Quebec’s decision to tax foreign media companies including Netflix.

Toronto Public Library Launches Netflix like Free Movie Streaming Service

Toronto users rejoice! No need to pay for Netflix if you want to watch quality movies. Toronto Library has got you covered. All you need is a library card and few minutes to setup your account.

Toronto Library have introduced the free video streaming service to over 30,000 streaming videos with their partner company Kanopy, based in San Francisco. In comparison, Netflix offers a total of around 13,300 titles worldwide.

jarmoluk / Pixabay

We’re adding 30,000 new streaming videos to our collection! The selection of films is outstanding. It includes titles from producers including the Great Courses and PBS, as well as award-winning indie, documentary and Canadian films. Hundreds of new titles are added each month.

How much it will cost you ask? Absolutely nothing. Free. Zilch!

The interface is unbelievable and it  feels like you are browsing Netflix. Almost feels like stealing.

So how does Toronto Library Movie Streaming works?

  • You can access Kanopy films with your smartphone, tablet, PC or Smart TV
  • Kanopy is compatible with Roku, Android, iOS and Apple TV
  • You have three days to watch each film
  • You can access up to eight films a month
  • All films are fully accessible, with captions and transcripts, and are compatible with screen reader software such as JAWS

What’s there to watch?

You have access to over 30,000 streaming videos. Films like Maudie, Brooklyn, Ingrid Goes West, Paterson and I am Not Your Negro, the Oscar-nominated documentary narrated by Samuel L. Jackson, are available for you to start watching right away.

Who Gets It?

You have to be a proper city Toronto resident to obtain a FREE library card unless you are a non-resident who works, goes to school, or owns property in Toronto.

If you reside outside of the City of Toronto – you might consider the option of paying a fee to obtain a card that is valid for either 3 months or 12 months at a time. The fee for non-residents is $30.00 for 3 months or $120.00 for 12 months.

Ottawa Library also uses Kanopy so you can use that library card to get connected as well. Also if you are going to university or college – you will be able to get access through that as well.

Last but not least, there is competing service called Hoopla where you can borrow digital music, video and comics to stream, and it covers roughly 7,000 libraries in the United States and Canada; a full list is available here. If you live in Oakville for example, you can access it here.

What are you waiting for?

Watch out Netflix, with library card you have the power. What are you waiting for? Sign up here to watch Toronto Library streaming service free.

Amazon acquires Winnipeg based Thinkbox Software

Seattle based Amazon acquired mostly Winnipeg based ThinkBox, software company providing unique solutions for artists in the entertainment industry, for undisclosed amount of money.

Thinkbox Software has provided creative tools and pipeline technology for both small and large scale projects including the worlds largest feature films. Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Thor, Green Lantern, Harry Potter, Avatar, Tron, GI-Joe the Rise of Cobra and hundreds of other films have utlized our software in front of and behind the screen. Our tools have been at the core of award winning projects, music videos, commercials and hundreds of hours of creative content spanning film, broadcast, commercial, marketing, games and web content.

Chris Bond is the Founder, CEO and President of Thinkbox Software. He established the company in 2010 with a mission to bring together the power of high-performance computing and the artistry of visualization. Following the acquisition he said:

We’re excited to announce that we’ve been acquired by Amazon!

We’ll be joining the Amazon Web Services family, and we’re looking forward to working together to deliver exciting customer offerings.

At this point, it’s still business as usual for us. We’ll continue to provide you, our customers, with remarkable support whether you work on-prem, in the cloud or both.

Chris and the Thinkbox Team

It will be interesting to see what Amazon has in mind for ThinkBox software. Maybe some new blockbuster Amazon Originals movies like Transformers?

Montreal startup Flystro makes it easier to film using drones

Flystro is an online marketplace connecting companies with drone pilots everywhere for aerial filming services. using Flystro, companies from different industries like real estate, construction or events, can easily find a drone pilot and be sure they are receiving the best price and product.

Real estate drone video:



Who started the company? Do you / team members have tech background?

Flystro was launched by two co-founders: Bassam Rhou (CEO) who is an aerospace engineer and a MBA graduate with 8 years of experience in aerospace industry, and Marwan Benyoussef (CTO) who is a software engineer with ten years of experience in major software projects. Both co-founders shared the same passion for drones and decided to work together to build a platform to disrupt the aerial filming industry.

How are you being financed?

Flystro was initially bootstrapped by the co-founders. Later, Flystro received funding from various sources like Futurpreneur Canada. Start-Up Chile and Fondation Montreal Inc.
Flystro was graduated from the Founder Institute Montreal (2015), Start-Up Chile (2016) and National Bank of Canada – HEC Accelerator (2016).

What do you think will be / is a big obstacle to overcome?

A big obstacle to overcome will be the drone regulations. Currently there are many restrictions in operating drones for commercial purposes. However, the government authorities in various countries are working on new regulations that will remove several restrictions without impacting the public safety.

How do you go about finding good developers / IT guys for your company?

We found that the best way to find good developers or designers is networking. Several startups recruiting events are organized from time to time where entrepreneurs can find highly skilled individuals who are looking to work with a startup.
Another good way to find motivated skilled IT guys is to use websites like Angelist or f6s which offer a big database of highly skilled potential candidates.

Who is your biggest competition?

We were the first in Canada to launch a marketplace for drone filming services. Currently, most of our competitors are few early stage startups that are mainly in US. We are differentiating ourselves by offering added value features and by helping drone pilots to have their certifications. For example, we are offering free templates to apply to Transport Canada for aspiring drone pilots in Canada.

How are you intending on taking your company to million dollars in revenues? In what markets?

Currently we are operating mainly in North America for industries like real estate and events. We are planning to expand geographically to other promising markets like Europe and South America and to be more present in some industries like inspection and infrastructures.

What is the big lesson you’ve learned (success or failure) with this project.

The biggest lesson I have learned is the importance of keeping the focus. Entrepreneurs are always tempted by opportunities that can move them in too many directions at the same time. As entrepreneur, you have always to ask yourself if any action you plan to do is in line with your vision and strategy. If the response is no don’t do it!

Website: http://www.flystro.com