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American Startup BusPatrol is Hiring 150 in Montreal

BusPatrol, is being led by a Quebec born Jean Souliere who is a CEO,  is looking forward to hiring in Montreal due to its advancement in artificial technology.

BusPatrol is a safety technology company that develops partnerships, educates communities, and deploy Smart Bus technology.

Not only are we creating 150 jobs for ourselves, but we are bringing all of our North American manufacturing to Montreal. Quebec is where the dream started, and we’d like to bring some of our success up here.

Montreal has a good population of artificial intelligence developers, and we want to develop a strong presence here. We’re looking to show how AI can be used for public safety.


Jean Souliere, As Quoted to Montreal Gazette

CEO BusPatrol

The company makes school buses safer by installing cameras and checking for dangerous driving such as illegal passing.

The company launched in 2017 and its big break was when they made a deal with Montgomery County Maryland to equip their 1,400 school buses with their technology to issue automatic tickets.

BusPatrol says that they have won a contract in New York and has potential to win a contract in Ontario following a recent law that will allow automatic fines due to recorded video.

If you are looking for a tech job in Montreal , you should apply now as they are hiring.

UPDATED: Canadian Privacy Agency to Investigate US Facial Recognition Firm

Update #1: The company in this story, Clearview AI, has just been hacked and more than 2,200 organizations spanning law enforcement to universities have their information accessed. Clearview has clients such as US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Department of Justice, the FBI, Macy’s, Best Buy. In Canada multiple police agencies have used them such as Ontario Provincial Police, Ottawa Police, RCPM, Durham Police, etc.

Canadian privacy agency has launched an investigation into NY-based Clearview AI firm to see if its facial recognition technology complies with Canadian privacy laws.

Clearview uses millions of images across the internet to screen for potential terrorists and criminals. Many law enforcement agencies in US and Canada , like Durham Regional Police in Ontario, have used or have tested the technology.

Critics in both US and Canada said that just pulling images from internet provides no consent , and can be used misused.

The indiscriminate scraping of the internet to collect images of people’s faces for law enforcement purposes has significant privacy implications for all Ontarians. We have made it clear in the past that my office should be consulted before this type of technology is used.


Brian Beamish

Ontario privacy commissioner

Privacy regulators in every province in Canada have agreed to work together to develop guidance on usage of bio-metric data when it comes to facial recognition.

Some twitter users expressed their dissatisfaction with this facial recognition data used by the police.


Police chief in Ontario said that even though they have used the technology to on trial basis , they will discontinue the use of it until further guidance.

The Durham Police Chief ordered that the use of such technology (facial recognition) be stopped immediately until the matter is reviewed and further direction is received from the privacy commissioner.


Dave Selby

Police spokesperson, Durham Regional Police Service

Toronto Tech CEO Spies on Women

Toronto CEO Peter Forde of 3D Avatar company, ItsMe, is accused of voyeurism by Toronto’s police.  He has been charged with six counts of voyeurism.

He was found to be recording women inside their homes without their knowledge or consent. The incidents of voyeurism happened around Queen St. W. and Spadina Ave. area in mid March.

Toronto police released a statement:

““We won’t release details of the evidence or what, if any, relationship exists between him and any of the victims. However, the evidence does indicate that there are more victims.””

Anyone with additional information is asked to contact Toronto police at 416-808-1400, or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477), online at www.222tips.com.