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SpaceX Wants to Deliver High Speed Internet in Canada From Space

In today’s world where everyone is hanging on their phones, personal computers being part of one’s daily living and online transactions are more convenient. We can see the impact of internet in this innovative world.

From a single swipe, we can unleash a lot of task, actions and even information at the convenience of our own hands. Internet really did great on putting us on a whole new perspective where connection becomes a vital part to every situation wherein.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has applied to Canada’s telecom regulator for a license to start a beaming high-speed internet to hard-to-reach areas.

Daniel Doucette, a resident of South Cariboo region mentions the difficulty of having no reliable access to the internet which is one of the million voices of Canadian people living outside of the major cities which pays a higher cost for a substandard internet connection. The unreasonable irregularity of internet connection that results to poor technological advancement is the main reason why the idea of reaching first-grade internet connection to rural areas is a must.

In this pandemic where social distancing and lesser human interactions are practiced, internet plays a major role not just for recreational reasons but also includes job-related tasks, online transactions, education, and even health care consultations and treatment.


With that being said, a poor internet connection will result to impoverished virtual connection that may result to greater problems such as health problems, unemployment and unproductive education.

Musk’s petition to operate a high-speed internet connection is not just an opportunity to people in rural areas but also a stepping stone and an eye opener to the different telecommunication companies to raise the standard of internet with respect to the amount of payment being received.

The approval is still on its process but if it is fairly examined by the government and the appropriate sectors, it is a key to innovation that everyone is entitled to have and no one should be deprived of.

In this given time, the world is changing and so are we. We need to break more boundaries of hindrance and focus more on expanding internet technology to each and every one who needs it. This is not simply about “internet connection” but the connection that brings us together. The virtual connection that connects people, creates opportunities, and brings innovation. Internet is a useful tool to bring our world on a whole new level of innovation and success.