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West Vancouver Servers Hacked

District of West Vancouver, westvancouver.ca, recently discovered that they have malware installed on their servers potentially accessing thousands of users data over the last few years. It is possible that over 4,870 people data have been compromised. While noone knows for sure if data compromised was used or will be used for illegal purposes, West Vancouver … Continue reading West Vancouver Servers Hacked

Passport Canada Web Scam

If you are looking around for renewing your passport beware what you search for on Google. The website that calls itself Passport Canada “helps” you renew your passport by charging a whopping $192 fee when the service’s information is free when you apply via Government’s website. The website pops up when you search for “renew … Continue reading Passport Canada Web Scam

Yellow Pages Bad Business Practices

This post is our experience in dealing with Yellow Pages and their reps over the last year. Let this be a lesson for anyone considering doing business with them. Last year after checking our website logs we have discovered that even though they charge thousands of dollars a year we have less than few hundred … Continue reading Yellow Pages Bad Business Practices