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Downloading Illegally in Canada? It Can Cost You

Hollywood studios have found a new way to track down and sue illegal downloaders in Canada. Canadian government and Canadian courts are fine with it. Your ignorance will not be taken into an account.

Movie studios have started sending registered mail to houses and apartments associated with an IP of people illegally downloading movies and TV shows.


The notice states that Canadian Internet provider has notified Hollywood studios of your illegal downloads and that you have been found downloading illegal content. Studios are fed up with all the illegal downloads so they have found a way to track down users due to the location of IP address and how it is registered with your Internet provider.

The worst thing you can do is to ignore the notice, as the default judgement most likely will result in $5,000 fine. After getting the judgement the movie studios can come after your salary or can put a lien against your house.

Recently passed Copyright Modernization Act allows service providers to provide updates to the owner of the content the list of users who have downloaded their content illegally.

This is what the letter you might receive will look like. Most users report not getting any warnings from their ISP but just getting this letter in a mail.

Once again, you will want to file a defense within 30 days or the judgement will rendered automatically against you.

Why risk it? In Canada, you can watch HBO for example, through channels like Crave, which costs $20 a month and includes HBO and Showtime. $20 a month sure sounds like a better deal than $5,000 for one illegal download.