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Uber in Canada Wants You To Be Safe

Uber is in the news a lot lately due to passengers’ major safety issues. To counter image that Uber is unsafe, Uber has decided to launch in-app safety feature that will be rolled out in Canada and USA first.

So why is Uber launching this safety feature now? Because a lot of Uber app users do not check the car they are getting into and can end up in a dangerous situation.


In Toronto just recently female passenger got into a vehicle she thought was her Uber – but ended up in a wrong vehicle and got sexually assaulted.

According to Toronto Police’s investigation into a sexual assault in the Royal York Road and Evans Avenue area. Police said that a 21-year-old woman entered a black SUV driven by a man, the man drove her away from Toronto not allowing her to exit the SUV , he took her to a fast food restaurant parking lot in Mississauga , the woman tried to get assistance from a bystander , he then drove her to a secluded side street , he sexually assaulted her , The woman was dropped off later that morning, she then contacted police.

In South Carolina – same thing happened – student got into a wrong car – and was discovered murdered shortly. Police there said that they believe South Carolina student entered a wrong vehicle that was not her Uber.

Uber’s new Check your ride initiative launched the following educational video to remind Uber users to be careful:

Uber reminds people to match the car model and license plate with the information in the app and recommends you follow the following three steps:

  1. Match the license plate number
  2. Match the car make and model
  3. Check the driver’s photo

Uber also recommends you use Follow My Ride feature. This new feature allows you to inform people on your whereabouts.

Toronto Drug Dealer To Pay $1.9m Bitcoin To Ontario

The largest Canadian bitcoin bust happened this week. Toronto court ordered a drug dealer to pay $1.9m bitcoin found on his computer to the province.

Superior Court Justice Jane Kelly ruled that way due to the fact that Matthew Phan, local drug dealer, used the money to buy guns and drugs.

Phan did not agree with that assessment saying that only a part of that $1.9m bitcoin was used to buy drugs and guns but another large chunk was legitimately used to buy and sell gold and trade it on various exchanges.

Judge Kelly said in her statement to The Toronto Star:

“There is overwhelming evidence to suggest that Mr. Phan was using the dark markets to purchase illegal items such as firearms and silencers. It is clear from the evidence found during searches, particularly of his condominium unit, that he was conducting a large sales operation of illegal narcotics.

It is a reasonable inference to draw that payment for such illegal narcotics sales was made using Bitcoin that was found in the digital wallet on Mr. Phan’s computer”

Superior Court Justice Jane Kelly

Judge Kelly said that even though Phan has to forfeit $1.9m in bitcoin she was not completely convinced that the other $50,000 of bitcoin they found was used for crime, and Phan can get to keep that amount.

Bitcoin has recently climbed from $4,500 to $6,500 per bitcoin.