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Toronto to Share Traffic Data with Waze

Waze, a GPS navigation software, acquired in 2013 by Google became partners with City of Toronto and will start utilizing city’s data.

This will help drivers to avoid traffic and construction around the city, and for the city to better understand how to fix any congestions using Waze data.

“This partnership will give our Traffic Operations Centre… better visibility into traffic patterns and give users of the Waze application enhanced information so that they can plan,” Tory said.

“By using Waze, all motorists will have access to the City of Toronto’s data in real time and be able to avoid road closures, construction, and traffic jams. We’re not the first and we should’ve been at this before now, but we’re now joining city like Montreal and Winnipeg who are already partnering with Waze and I’m glad we’re finally embracing this technology,” said Tory.

Free-Photos / Pixabay

Over half a million drivers use Waze app in Toronto. Toronto is not the first to partner with Waze. Winnipeg and Montreal have been sharing their data for a while now.

“Waze will be sharing anonymous traffic and driver insights with the city to give them better visibility in to traffic patterns and aid their planning decisions,” said Mike Wilson, a region manager with Waze.