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Uber Might Fetch Your Groceries in Canada Soon

As you know Uber Eats is becoming very popular across Canada right now. In case you did not have a chance to use – uberEATS allows people across growing number of Canadian cities like Toronto, Mississauga, and Ottawa, to get the food they want, from the local restaurants they love, delivered to them at Uber speed.

It is so nice and convenient. Stay comfy in your PJs – load up your Netflix (even with new ridiculous price increase in 2019) and order up your delicious restaurant cravings from Indian to Chinese to Sushi and get it within the hour.

Some people get carried away with Uber or UberEats though by spending thousands of dollars a month on restaurant take-outs instead of cooking. This is similar to people who used to take bus or subway to places now get tired of waiting and prefer to take a quick Uber ride instead. This does some big damage on their bank account for sure.

So Uber realized your bank account might be hurting and that is why they now want to get into a business of delivering your groceries and competing with grocery delivery companies like Instacart.

How do we know? It is based on their recent tech job post in Toronto:

Basically they are looking for Head of Grocery Product, as explained on their Glassdoor job advertisement they say: Uber Eats is looking for a Head of Grocery Product. This role will define, build the organization and globally scale a brand new product offering which will fundamentally evolve how people purchase their groceries.

This is a new job for them as they do not deliver groceries yet anywhere in the world. It is pretty cool that they have decided to hire for this role right here in Toronto. They are definitely hiring anyone they deem worthy at very rapid speed – after opening an office in Toronto just few years ago – they are now employing over 200 mostly tech employees.

Nobody knows yet whether they will partner up with local supermarkets or deliver their own groceries like Amazon. We will wait and see.

BC might finally get Uber

British Columbia has finally introduced legislation where you can drive for Uber legally in that province. This will officially kick in around mid of 2019.

You would need to get a Class 4 (or more known as commercial license) instead of normal Class 5 license and undergo criminal check to drive for the ride sharing company.

Transportation Minister , Claire Trevena , said it is a matter of safety:

“It’s got stricter limits on it and I think that anybody who’s getting in as a passenger wants to know the driver is as safe as possible.”

Here is what the difference is:

Class 4 (unrestricted)

School bus

What you can use it for:

  • To drive buses with a maximum seating capacity of 25 persons (including the driver), including school buses, special activity buses and special vehicles used to transport people with disabilities
  • To drive taxis and limousines
  • To drive ambulances
  • To drive any vehicle in Class 5

Class 5 or 7 driver’s licence


What you can use it for:

  • To drive cars, vans, trucks, construction, utility vehicles (2 axles maximum) and motorhomes (may exceed 2 axles)
  • To tow trailers or vehicles up to 4,600kg
  • To ride a limited speed motorcycle or an all-terrain vehicle (ATV)
  • To ride 3-wheeled vehicles but does not include 3-wheeled motorcycles (trikes) or motorcycle/sidecar combinations

Uber’s Dissapointment

Uber Manager Michael van Hemme said he was disappointed by the BC’s decision as Class 4 license is more difficult to get:

“Drivers, experienced safe drivers have a hard time understanding why they would need to get a special driver’s licence to drive the same vehicle that they’re already driving, so it definitely becomes a barrier to a lot of people to participate.”

“I hope that the government is willing to continue to engage until the entire framework is finalized and we will continue to work with the NDP government and all parties to ensure true best practices from other jurisdictions are adopted here in B.C. and lay out the benefits of doing so,” van Hemmen said.

MichaelGaida / Pixabay

Bad Decision?

Helen del Val from North Vancouver wrote in to The Vancouver Sun questioning the British Columbia’s NDP government’s decision:

“I take early and late flights on a regular basis for work so I take taxis. On the last trip, I waited 45 minutes for a cab home.

When I read Tuesday’s article about some of the rules and regulations being put in place to bring Uber in, I pre-booked YVR parking for a trip and I will pre-book it for next week’s trip and so on. I’m driving. Every other city has figured out ride-hailing so why can’t we?

The provincial government’s action in putting up all the hurdles to block/delay Uber is akin to a judge setting bail at an amount he or she knows the accused cannot raise. Our government has no will and courage to bring in Uber and lacks the integrity to admit it.”


Quebec Govt To Compensate Taxi Drivers for Uber

Update April 15 2019: Quebec government caved in to demands from taxi drivers and upped the total subsidy to a whopping $770 million dollars. Uber has also decided to play it nice and throw a bone to taxi drivers in Quebec by giving them an additional $44 million. This brings it up to $814 million dollars total subsidy to help taxi drivers with their taxi permit costs. This brings it to about $115,000 subsidy per taxi permit. Taxi drivers in Quebec are still not happy and want $200,000 subsidy per taxi and continue fighting to get more money.

Update August 18 2018: Quebec government has decided to give out $45,700 (even more to taxi drivers in Montreal and Gatineau) to each taxi licensed driver (at a cost of $250 million dollars to the tax payers in that province) to subsidize for heated competition from Uber. Quebec is the only jurisdiction in Canada to give out a compensation to a taxi industry.

Yet the members of taxi industry in Quebec were not pleased. George Boussios, spokesperson for Taxis du Grand Montréal said to Montreal Gazette:

“Our main concern is Uber. When you’ve lost $120,000 minimum on your permit, and … we’re getting $45,000, I don’t think it will make a difference.”

OK – but why compensate dying industry? Travel agents lost jobs to Expedia. Toll takers lost jobs to EZPass. Bank tellers and store cashiers will soon be replaced by online banking and machines. Why stop at taxi drivers? Maybe subsidize people when they lose money buying real estate or stocks? Maybe Quebec should subsidize all the dying industries.

Government of Quebec has decided to provide money to the taxi industry to compensate what taxi drivers claim is unfair advantage of Uber in the province. Some taxi drivers say it is not enough.

The exact amount will be provided on Friday this week. This subsidy will be to help the taxi drivers with a sudden drop devaluation in their taxi licenses costs.

On top of this subsidy, the government of Quebec has bent over backwards by providing over $250 million to the taxi industry in Quebec. That turns out around $30k per taxi driver.

When interviewed taxi drivers were not pleased with amounts:

“$30,000 is drop in the bucket… when value of permit was about $200,000 and now $80,000”

Revenue Quebec said it will accommodate even further and provide more money for cash strapped taxi drivers.

Taxi drivers in Quebec have created chaos in the last few years, blocking roads and airports due to Uber pilot project.

Uber / Lyft is Now Available at Toronto Pearson Airport

Toronto airport officials finally announced that now you can use Uber or Lyft to get home. You were always able to use Lyft or Uber to be dropped off at any location, including the airport, but now you have an option of getting picked up at the airport as well.

Basically now, when you arrive from that long Bali location, all you would need to do is use your cell phone and get Uber to pick you up from either Terminal 1 or Terminal 3.

TesaPhotography / Pixabay

The Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) said in their press release that this will be a pilot project and provide another transportation option for 47 million annual passengers.

“Following significant demand from our passengers, we believe that a pilot of full-ride sharing options is timely at Toronto Pearson, and in line with other airports across Canada and the U.S. already offering this service,” said Scott Collier, Vice President, Customer and Terminal Services, GTAA. “We appreciate the collaboration of the ground transportation industry in sharing their feedback and welcome another opportunity to offer our passengers choice in their transportation options.”

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Uber is now offering full service (pick up and drop off) at the following Canadian airports:

  • Toronto Pearson International Airport – YYZ
  • Ottawa International Airport – YOW
  • Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport – YTZ
  • Calgary International Airport – YYC
  • Edmonton International Airport – YEG
  • Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport – YUL
  • Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport – YQB

Lyft is now also will be providing full service (pick up and drop off) at the following airports:

  • Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport – YTZ
  • Toronto Pearson International Airport – YYZ

So what are you waiting? Now that is cheaper to get to/from airport pick a destination and enjoy your vacation. But be careful where you book your vacation from.

Women’s Only Ride Sharing Launched in Toronto

Update: We have just found out that only few weeks after launching and claiming over 3,000 in downloads, the app, DriveHer, has been hacked and all user data taken. DriveHer had to suspend operations as soon as they found out.

“As a precautionary measure, we are writing to let you know about a data security incident that may involve your information on March 30th -April 3rd, 2018. To our knowledge, the data accessed did not include any credit card information.”

DriveHer rep said that they are looking to see what happened and figure out how data got compromised.

Not the best publicity for the newly launched app and might drive female users to stick with Uber or Lyft instead.

Original Story Below

Women only ride sharing business, DriverHer, similar to Uber and Lyft has recently launched in Toronto with a lot of media covering the company.

Aisha Addo, an app founder of DriveHer, said idea came to her when taking a taxi one night with a male chauffeur who became asking her personal questions about her dating life and if she lived alone. She said that made her feel very uncomfortable and she has decided to do something about it.

Addo said that the app has had over 3,000 downloads on Android and iOS in the past two weeks with over 100 female drivers have signed on as well.

Not everyone was happy though, some potential male customers wondered if this was discriminatory and against provincial human rights:

A lawyer, Saron Gebresellassi, working for DriveHer disagreed that the app is against provincial’s human rights:

“DriveHer is entirely compliant with provincial human rights legislation. There’s no prejudice to the men. They’re not going to be stranded. There’s other alternatives for them to get around. Men aren’t being persecuted by not availing themselves of this taxi service.”

4547 / Pixabay

This service is similar to women only subway trains or bus rides in countries like India or Mexico where male dominated culture oppresses women. However few feminists point out that segregating male vs female does not solve an issue of why women feel unsafe.

Love it or hate it, we live in Canada, where ideas and success of ideas are essentially decided by market supply and demand. And now you have other options to Uber or Lyft, particularly if you are a female taking a ride alone at night.

Toronto is Pissed with Uber / Lyft for Surge Pricing

January 8 started like any other day except it was not. There was 8 cm of snow and of course the Toronto subway system has collapsed due to power outages across its system.

Passengers turned to Uber and newly arrived Lyft to save their day and get to work on time. It was after all first day back to work after 2 weeks vacation for most commuters.

doctor-a / Pixabay

But Uber and Lyft have turned on their surge pricing and users were forced to pay almost triple for their regular commute.

Some people have decided to use Lyft instead but to no luck.

Some other users defended both Lyft and Uber:


Not the best way to start the week and the year for some users. But on another hand, now you at least you have options that you can choose from.

Uber Charges Toronto Rider $18k for 20 Min Ride

Uber Users – make sure you double check your Uber receipt emails from now on. You might have $18k to pay if you are not careful.

As you probably know, Uber and Lyft (which recently launched in Toronto – yey!) use surge pricing when demand spikes up for the rides, and that ride that usually costs you $15 can end up being $50 if you are not careful. But $18,000? That’s what happened to a Toronto user this week.

Life-Of-Pix / Pixabay

The ride itself was a 5 km ride that took about 20 min to complete, the bill that came was for $18,518.

When Uber when initially contacted, they said that the price was right and they are sticking with it. The story went viral as you can imagine.

The Uber said that the fare was correct when using pick up and drop off location:

A bit later – retracting from its initial comment, Uber released the following statement saying that it was a mistake on company part and they are looking to see what and how it could have happened like that.

There was an error here and it has been resolved. We have provided a full refund to this rider and apologized to him for this experience. We have safeguards in place to help prevent something like this from happening, and we are working to understand how this occurred.

So just in case, double check your Uber bills to make sure you do not have any $18k+ bills for your recent Uber rides.