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Four Canadian Universities Made Top 100 List of Best Universities

Four of Canadian universities made it to TOP 100 list compiled by The Times Higher Education.

This is their 14th edition. This time they have analyzed data from 1,000 universities from 77 countries.

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Canadian universities in the Top 100

  • University of Toronto (Ranked #22)

The University of Toronto (UofT) has many pioneering achievements to its name, including Canada’s first academic publishing house, the first forest science faculty in the country, and becoming the first Canadian university to reach more than C$1 billion in endowment.


  • University of British Columbia (Ranked #34)

Students and researchers are organised into 12 faculties on the Vancouver campus and a further seven on the Kelowna campus. UBC offers a special joint undergraduate programme with Sciences Po – a higher education institution in Paris.

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  • McGill (Ranked #42)

The university offers more than 300 different degree subjects to more than 40,000 students from 150 different countries. It counts itself as one of Canada’s most internationally diverse institutions.

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  • McMaster (Ranked #78)

McMaster’s medical school is well-renowned and the university also provides teaching across the faculties of engineering, business, humanities, social sciences and science. The university places a strong emphasis on research working to target some of the most urgent needs in society particularly in the field of health sciences. This includes research from the Stem Cell and Cancer Research Institute which turned bits of human skin into blood cells, which could help to alleviate the shortage of blood donors.

If you look at Top 1000 you can see many other Canadian universities that made the list such as University of Calgary, Carleton and others.

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The report stated that:

Compared with the US, Canada can also provide cheaper study options, simpler application processes and more opportunities for permanent residency.

According to the Canadian Bureau for International Education’s International Student Survey, more than 90 per cent of students questioned were satisfied or very satisfied with their studies in Canada, and 95 per cent would recommend Canada as a study destination.

You can see the full list of universities here , most of them are offering computer science and accept international students.

Top Universities in Canada 2018

World University Rank 2018 University City
=22 University of Toronto Toronto
=34 University of British Columbia Vancouver
42 McGill University Montreal
78 McMaster University Hamilton
108 University of Montreal Montreal
=119 University of Alberta Edmonton
201–250 University of Calgary Calgary
201–250 University of Ottawa Ottawa
201–250 University of Waterloo Waterloo
201–250 Western University London
251–300 Dalhousie University Halifax
251–300 Laval University Quebec City
251–300 Queen’s University Kingston
251–300 Simon Fraser University Burnaby
301–350 University of Victoria Victoria
351–400 York University Toronto
401–500 University of Manitoba Winnipeg
401–500 University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon
501–600 Carleton University Ottawa
501–600 Concordia University Montreal
501–600 Memorial University of Newfoundland St John’s
501–600 University of Québec Quebec City
501–600 Université de Sherbrooke Sherbrooke
601–800 University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) Prince George
601–800 University of Regina Regina
601–800 University of Windsor Windsor


Top Canadian Universities for Computer Science – 2017 Ranking

Computer Science is one in demand degree  that can you set up for life with salaries floating around $80k – $120k for 3-8 years of experience, and some new grads finding themselves getting as much as $60k-$80k starting salaries after finishing university.

Salaries could be higher if you are a Canadian citizen and decide to venture off to Silicon Valley where some recent software engineering grads from below top 3 universities can make as much as $100k Canadian as their first job salary in sunny California.

Using scientific data from academic publishing company Elsevier, Macleans have crunched the data to come up with the following top 20 list where to get your computer science degree in Canada.

Macleans used the following five criteria to calculate the scores: field weighted citation impact (FWCI) at 35 per cent, fractional publications at 10 per cent, fractional citations at 10 per cent, program reputation at 35 per cent and research reputation at 10 per cent.

What is FWCI , fractional publications and citations you might ask? It measures the impact of research at each university by calculating how often a paper gets cited. Fractional publications measure the volume of papers published at each university and Fractional citations measure how often a paper was cited and also take into account if there are multiple authors on a paper.

You might also check out Top 1000 universities and how they are ranked in the World , and to see which Canadian universities made it to Top 100.

Best Computer Science Universities for 2017 across Canada


20. Western University

17. York University (tie)

17. University of Saskatchewan (tie)

17. Saint Mary’s University (tie)


17. St. Francis Xavier (tie)


14. McMaster University (tie)

14. Concordia University (tie)

12. University of Ottawa (tie)

12. University of Manitoba (tie)

11. University of Victoria

10. University of Ontario Institute of Technology

9. University of Calgary

8. Queen’s University

7. Universite de Montreal

6. Simon Fraser University


Top 5 Universities for Computer Science in Canada are

5. McGill University

4. University of Alberta

2. University of Waterloo (tied)

2. University of British Columbia (tied)

Best University For Computer Science

1. University of Toronto

Alberta MacEwan University Loses $11.8m to Hackers

University employees were fooled by phishing email asking them to change banking information for one of their main vendors.

MacEwan University blames admin error for losing $11.8m dollars. They said no safeguards were in place before. University says now more than 1 person would be required to change any banking information so this does not happen again.

The fraud happened when hackers created a website that looks exactly like university’s main vendor’s website.  After sending phishing emails, hackers asked university to pay millions of dollars of service fees university normally pays but with different banking information.

It only took 9 days to lose $11.8m before anyone realized that something was up. First was for $1.9m , second payment was for $22,000 and then last one was for $9.9m. Maybe they would have lose more money if not for actual vendor calling them to see why they have not been paid yet.

Some people were surprised how university that advises students to watch out for phishing attacks gets duped itself:


Where did the money go? The money was initially transferred to an account in Montreal, and then off to 2 different accounts in Hong Kong.

University does not think it was a collusion between university employees and hackers. Employees were entry level employees. University also says they expect to recover the funds and going to be able to meet all their financial obligations.

Toronto Top Hat, educational platform company, raises $29m Canadian

Top Hat, educational software firm that makes teaching fun and effective in higher education by creating a one to one interactive experience between professors and students using laptops, smartphones, and tablets, has announced that they have raised $22.5m USD. This will help the company to transform how universities engage and educate students inside and outside the classroom.

Money have been raised by Union Square Ventures, Emergence Capital, Georgian Partners, iNovia Capital, Golden Venture Partners, Version One Ventures and SoftTech VC.

Top Hat has over 200 employees in Toronto and Denver offices. Millions of students at more than 700 leading colleges and universities use Top Hat’s teaching platform to engage their students with interactive content, tools and activities

Mike Solagadze, Founder, CEO, Top Hat, said:

This $22.5 million Series-C funding will allow us to continue aggressively building out our vision for a new, 21st-century approach to academic content. We’ll become an accessible, indispensable resource for students and professors, and get even closer to our goal of bringing the full benefits of digital teaching and materials to the classroom.